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2013 National Painting Cost Estimator

Subject Subject links
   anti-graffiti stain eliminatorTop of Page 140  
   block fillerMasonry, block filler  
   CMU, rough surfaceTop of Page 147  
   CMU, smooth surfaceTop of Page 150  
   concrete blockTop of Page 354  
   fireplaceFireplace masonry, interior, smooth surface masonry  
   graniteMasonry, stone, marble or granite  
   marbleMasonry, stone, marble or granite  
   new brickTop of Page 141  
   stoneMasonry, stone, marble or granite  
   used brickMasonry, brick, used, rough surface, brush  | Masonry, brick, used, rough surface, roll  | Masonry, brick, used, rough surface, spray  
  paintExterior:  | Exterior:  | Exterior:  
  sandblastingFigure 3  | Subcontractors (cont.)