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2013 National Repair & Remodeling Estimator

Subject Subject links
   acoustical ceiling tileTop of Page 129  
   aluminum roofingTop of Page 123  
   asphalt shinglesTop of Page 124  
   awning, woodTop of Page 192  
   beamsRough carpentry (framing)  
   bevel sidingTop of Page 124  
   blockingFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   
   board sheathingTop of Page 215  
   board sidingTop of Page 125  
   bottom platesTop of Page 192  
   bracingFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   | Rough carpentry (framing)  
   bridgingFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   | Rough carpentry (framing)  
   built-up hot roofingTop of Page 124  
   clay tile roofingRoofing and siding (cont.)   
   columnsFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   | Rough carpentry (framing)  
   concrete blockMasonry (cont.)   
   concrete footingsTop of Page 115  
   concrete foundationsTop of Page 100  
   concrete retaining wallsTop of Page 100  
   concrete slabsTop of Page 116  
   deck, woodTop of Page 192  
   deckingFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   
   doorsDoors, windows and glazing  
   downspoutsWeather protection  
   drop sidingTop of Page 125  
   entry doorsTop of Page 126  
   excavationTop of Page 160  
   exterior wallsMasonry (cont.)   
   fasciaFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   | Rough carpentry (framing)  
   fences, masonryTop of Page 117  
   fiber board sheathingTop of Page 215  
   finish carpentryTop of Page 122  
   finishesTop of Page 128  
   firestopsRough carpentry (framing) (cont.)   
   floors, ceramic tileTop of Page 84  
   floors, quarry tileTop of Page 118  
   footingsTop of Page 98  
   framingTop of Page 118  
   furring stripsRough carpentry (framing) (cont.)   
   furring strips on ceilingsFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   
   gable endsFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   
   garage doorsTop of Page 126  
   glass sliding doorsTop of Page 126  
   glazingDoors, windows and glazing (cont.)   
   glu-lam ledgersTop of Page 253  
   glu-lam purlinsTop of Page 249  
   guttersTop of Page 123  
   gypsum panelsTop of Page 128  
   hardboard sidingRoofing and siding (cont.)   
   hardwood flooringFinish carpentry  
   headersFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   | Rough carpentry (framing) (cont.)   
   insulationWeather protection  
   joistsFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   | Rough carpentry (framing) (cont.)   
   kitchen cabinetsTop of Page 122  
   ledgerRough carpentry (framing) (cont.)   
   ledgers, boltedTop of Page 191  
   ledgers, nailedTop of Page 191  
   lintelsFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   
   lumberTop of Page 176  | Rough carpentry (framing)  
   Marlite panelsFinish carpentry  
   masonryTop of Page 116  
   mineral surfaced roll roofingRoofing and siding (cont.)   
   moldingFinish carpentry  
   panelingFinish carpentry  
   particleboardFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   
   plastic tileFinishes  
   plywoodFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   | Framing, rough carpentry (cont.)   
   plywood sheathingTop of Page 121  
   plywood sidingTop of Page 125  
   postsFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   | Rough carpentry (framing)  
   raftersFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   | Rough carpentry (framing) (cont.)   
   retaining wallsConcrete  
   roof deckingFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   | Rough carpentry (framing) (cont.)   
   roof sheathingTop of Page 215  
   rough carpentryTop of Page 118  
   shakes, woodTop of Page 124  
   sheathingFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   | Rough carpentry (framing) (cont.)   
   sheathing, subfloorFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   
   sheet metalWeather protection  
   sheetrockInstall Drywall or Sheetrock (gypsum plasterboard)  
   shingles, woodTop of Page 124  
   sidingRoofing and siding  
   slabsTop of Page 102  
   studsFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   | Framing, rough carpentry (cont.)   
   subfloorFinish carpentry  | Rough carpentry (framing) (cont.)   
   suspended ceilingsTop of Page 129  
   top platesTop of Page 192  
   trussesRough carpentry (framing) (cont.)   
   underlaymentFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   
   vanity cabinetsTop of Page 72  
   veneer, brickTop of Page 116  
   wall furring stripsTop of Page 184  
   wall sheathingTop of Page 215  
   wallpaperFinishes (cont.)   
   weather protectionTop of Page 123  
   windowsDoors, windows and glazing  
   wood deckFraming, rough carpentry (cont.)   
   wood roofingTop of Page 124  
  labor, average outputTop of Page 114