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2017 National Construction Estimator

Subject Subject links
  brick wallTop of Page 208  
  ceilingCeiling Assemblies   
  floorFloor Assemblies   | Framing the first of two floors, concrete slab foundation  | Framing the first of two floors, conventional crawl-space foundation  | Framing the second story of a residence  
  floor slabTop of Page 350  
  framing, door openingTop of Page 43  
  framing, window openingsTop of Page 44  
  interior wallsTop of Page 34  
  plumbingTop of Page 528  | Water-conserving urinals, faucets and flush valves  
  ramps, landings, for handicappedTop of Page 474  
  roofTop of Page 36  
  roofingConventionally framed roof assemblies  | Flat roof assembly  
  steel framing, door openingTop of Page 65  
  steel framing, window openingTop of Page 66  
  wallInterior wall assemblies   | Wall Assemblies   
  wall, brickTop of Page 208