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2017 National Construction Estimator

Subject Subject links
  acid-proofChemical-Resistant Brick or Tile, Subcontract   
  artificialTop of Page 242  
  chemical-resistantChemical-Resistant Brick or Tile, Subcontract   
  cleaning04 Masonry  | 04 Masonry (cont.)   
  ColonialMasonry, Brick Wall Assemblies  
  commercialMasonry, Face Brick   
  commonTop of Page 372  
  cuttingTop of Page 368  
  demolitionTop of Page 100  
  face brickFireplaces  
  firebrickTop of Page 211  
  flooringTop of Page 219  
  jumboMasonry, Face Brick   
  manholeManholes (cont.)   
  masonryTop of Page 208  
  miniMini-brick veneer strips   
  missionBrick paver   
  modularMasonry, Brick Wall Assemblies  | Masonry, Face Brick   
  mold flashingTop of Page 267  
  moldingRedwood molding   | Trim for Exterior Slab Doors  
  mortarTop of Page 208  
  NormanMasonry, Brick Wall Assemblies  | Masonry, Face Brick   
  PadreMasonry, Face Brick   
  paintingTop of Page 239  
  pavingTop of Page 214  | Paving, Subcontract  
  platePavers and Floor Tile  
  pointing04 Masonry (cont.)   
  sandblastingSandblasting, Waterblasting, Subcontract  
  sawingTop of Page 368  
  standardMasonry, Brick Wall Assemblies  | Masonry, Face Brick   
  stepsPavers and Floor Tile  
  testingTop of Page 314  
  veneerMini-brick veneer strips   
  wallsTop of Page 208