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2017 National Construction Estimator

Subject Subject links
   headwallsConcrete headwalls  
  access rampsRamps, flared aprons and landings  
  additivesTop of Page 348  | Concrete (cont.)   
  adhesiveGeneral purpose adhesives   | Special purpose adhesives (cont.)   
  aggregateConcrete Pumping, Subcontract  | Ready-Mix Concrete  
  apronTop of Page 613  | Ramps, flared aprons and landings  
  architecturalConcrete (cont.)   
  beamsTop of Page 337  
  block core fillTop of Page 212  
  buggies, rentalTop of Page 319  
  building wallsTop of Page 349  
  bush hammeredTop of Page 354  
  caissonCaisson Foundations  
  cast-in-placeCast-in-Place Concrete Steps-on-Grade Assemblies  
  coatingsTop of Page 353  
  coloringTop of Page 85  
  column formsColumn footing or pile cap forms  
  columns, reinforcingTop of Page 347  
  conduit envelopesTop of Page 539  
  core drillingTop of Page 368  
  culvert, precastTop of Page 631  
  curbTop of Page 88  | Curbs   
  curingConcrete Slab Finishes   
  curing compoundsTop of Page 349  
  curing papersBuilding Paper (cont.)   
  cuttingTop of Page 368  
  deckingCementitious Decks, Subcontract  
  delivery chargesTop of Page 85  
  demolitionTop of Page 101  
  depression formsSlab-on-grade forms (cont.)   
  drivewaysTop of Page 84  
  edge formsSlab-on-grade forms  
  embossed finishTop of Page 96  
  equipment foundationsEquipment Foundations  
  equipment rentalTop of Page 319  
  etchingMiscellaneous Concrete Finishes  
  excavationTop of Page 336  
  expansion jointsConcrete Accessories  | Concrete Expansion Joints (cont.)   
  exposed aggregateConcrete Finishing   
  fiber mesh reinforcingTop of Page 85  
  fillBraces for panels (cont.)   
  fill, columnsTop of Page 382  
  finishesConcrete Finishing   
  finishingTop of Page 96  
  fireproofingTop of Page 405  
  flared apronTop of Page 474  
  flatworkTop of Page 350  
  floor finishesTop of Page 354  
  floor slabTop of Page 350  
  footingsTop of Page 94  
  footings, demolitionTop of Page 100  
  form stakesTop of Page 86  
  form strippingTop of Page 88  
  form tieTop of Page 353  
  formsTop of Page 93  | Board forming and stripping   | Top of Page 93  | Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) (cont.)   
  forms, cast-in-placeTop of Page 338  
  forms, pavingTop of Page 609  
  foundationsTop of Page 93  
  grade beamsTop of Page 93  
  granite aggregateConcrete (cont.)   
  groutAdditional costs for concrete block wall assemblies  | Concrete Accessories  
  grout mixConcrete (cont.)   
  groutingConcrete Finishing (cont.)   
  guniteSpecially Placed Concrete  
  hardenersTop of Page 354  
  high early strengthConcrete (cont.)   
  ICFTop of Page 86  
  insertsConcrete Accessories  
  insulated formsTop of Page 86  
  insulating deckTop of Page 367  
  jointsConcrete Expansion Joints (cont.)   
  keywayTop of Page 93  
  labor placingTop of Page 349  
  landingsRamps, flared aprons and landings  
  lightweightConcrete (cont.)   
  line markingsTop of Page 614  
  lintelsMasonry Lintels and Coping  
  masonry unitsTop of Page 212  
  meter boxesTop of Page 220  
  mixClothesline Units  | Concrete  
  mixer, rentalTop of Page 319  
  nailsVinyl/cement-coated sinkers (cont.)   
  paint preparationTop of Page 238  
  paint removalTop of Page 233  
  paintingTop of Page 239  
  patchingTop of Page 95  
  paversConcrete pavers  | Seeding and Planting (cont.)   
  pavingAsphalt overlay  | Paving, Subcontract (cont.)   | Porous paving systems  
  paving, removalTop of Page 330  
  pilesPrestressed concrete piles  | Steel “HP” shape piles  
  pipeCorrugated Metal Pipe, Galvanized  
  placingTop of Page 95  
  plankTop of Page 356  
  plasticizedConcrete (cont.)   
  plyformPlywood (cont.)   
  pouringTop of Page 95  
  precastTop of Page 220  
  pull & junction boxTop of Page 540  
  pump mixConcrete (cont.)   
  pumpingConcrete Pumping, Subcontract  
  ready-mixTop of Page 84  
  recyclingWaste Disposal  
  reinforcementTop of Page 89  
  retaining wallsTop of Page 92  
  roof decksTop of Page 367  
  sandblastingSandblasting, Waterblasting, Subcontract  
  sawingTop of Page 360  
  saws, rentalTop of Page 319  
  screeds, rentalTop of Page 320  
  sealerTop of Page 354  
  shinglesTop of Page 260  
  sidewalkTop of Page 94  
  slab demolitionTop of Page 334  
  slab formsTop of Page 338  
  slab sawingTop of Page 368  
  slabsTop of Page 94  | Precast combination beam and slab units  
  slip-formedCast-in-Place Concrete, Subcontract  
  snap tiesTop of Page 86  
  specialty finishesConcrete Finishing   
  spread footingsTop of Page 375  
  stainStucco, masonry and concrete paint  
  stairwaysTop of Page 352  
  stamped finishConcrete Finishing (cont.)   
  stepsTop of Page 349  | Cast-in-Place Concrete Steps-on-Grade Assemblies  | Top of Page 349  | Steps-on-grade   
  steps-on-gradeTop of Page 95  
  structuralTop of Page 349  | Cast-in-Place Concrete, Subcontract  
  support polesTop of Page 358  
  surface prepPainting labor costs — commercial and industrial work (cont.)   
  surfacingTop of Page 367  
  suspended slabsTop of Page 351  
  testingTop of Page 313  
  tiesConcrete Snap Ties   
  tileConcrete Roof Tile  | Roofing Tile, Clay  
  tile roofingTop of Page 260  
  tilt-upTop of Page 360  
  toppingConcrete Finishing   
  underpinningTop of Page 603  
  unit masonryTop of Page 212  
  vapor barrierWood Flooring   
  vibrators, rentalTop of Page 319  
  walksTop of Page 94  
  wall formTop of Page 88  
  wall sawingTop of Page 368  
  wallsConcrete Walls   | Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) (cont.)   | Ready-Mix Concrete and Placing   | Specially Placed Concrete  
  waterproofing07 Thermal and Moisture Protection  | Waterproofing  
  waterstopConcrete Reinforcing Steel (cont.)   | Reinforcing for Cast-in-Place Concrete (cont.)   
  wedge tieConcrete Accessories  
  workTop of Page 336