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2017 National Construction Estimator

Subject Subject links
  flashingCopper flashing   | Sheet Metal Flashing  
  grounding devicesTop of Page 563  
  gutterGutters and Downspouts (cont.)   
  nailsCopper flashing   | Sheet Metal Flashing  
  pipeType L hard copper pipe  | Type M hard copper pipe  
  pipe, DWVTop of Page 510  
  pressure fittingsCopper pressure fittings  
  roof, cupolaTop of Page 97  
  roofingFlashing and Sheet Metal (cont.)   
  tubingTop of Page 510  | Flexible PVC-Jacketed Copper Tubing  
  wall tiesMasonry Reinforcing and Flashing   
  window roofsTop of Page 302  
  wire, THHNTop of Page 556  
  wire, XHHWTop of Page 557  
  wood preservativeWood finishes (cont.)