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2017 National Construction Estimator

Subject Subject links
  4-panelWood Exterior Slab Doors (cont.)   
  6-panelWood Exterior Slab Doors (cont.)   
  accessTop of Page 252  | Access Doors  | Top of Page 252  | Cleanouts  | Top of Page 252  | Plumbing Specialties  | Top of Page 252  | Special Doors (cont.)   
  accordionAccordion Folding Partitions  
  air curtainSpecial Doors (cont.)   
  aluminum, patioTop of Page 120  
  automaticHandicapped automatic remote door opener,  
  barTop of Page 118  
  basementTop of Page 23  
  beveled glassTop of Page 107  
  bi-foldBi-Fold Closet Doors  | Bi-Fold Closet Doors (cont.)   | Mirrored Bi-Fold Closet Doors  
  birchPrehung Interior Doors  | Wood Exterior Slab Doors (cont.)   
  birch, prehungTop of Page 110  
  bypassBypass Closet Doors  
  caféInterior Panel Doors (cont.)   
  camber topDecorative Prehung Steel Entry Doors  
  cellarFire-Rated Doors  
  cleanout, fireplaceTop of Page 150  
  closetBi-Fold Closet Doors  | Bypass Closet Doors  | Prehung Interior Doors (cont.)   
  closet, installationTop of Page 52  
  convenience storeConvenience Store Specialties  
  crossbuckEntry Slab Doors  
  depositoryBank Equipment (cont.)   
  DutchWoven Wire Partitions  
  entranceTop of Page 107  
  entryDecorative Prehung Steel Entry Doors  | Entry Slab Doors (cont.)   | Entry Slab Doors  | Fiberglass Prehung Entry Doors  | Prehung Steel Exterior Doors (cont.)   
  entry, steelTop of Page 112  
  exteriorPrehung Steel Exterior Doors  | Prehung Wood Exterior Doors  | Wood Exterior Slab Doors  | Wood Exterior Slab Doors (cont.)   
  exterior, fire-ratedTop of Page 109  
  exterior, steelTop of Page 109  
  fiberglassDoors and Frames  | Fiberglass Prehung Entry Doors (cont.)   | Fiberglass Prehung Entry Doors  | Screen Doors, Wood   
  firEntry Slab Doors (cont.)   
  fireDoors and Frames  | Prehung Steel Doors (cont.)   | Special Doors  
  fire-ratedFire-Rated Doors  
  flexible stripTop of Page 416  
  flush closetBi-Fold Closet Doors  | Bi-Fold Closet Doors (cont.)   
  flush exteriorTop of Page 106  
  flush interiorTop of Page 116  
  foldingAccordion Folding Doors  
  folding, installationTop of Page 52  
  foundation accessVents and Louvers  
  frames, woodTop of Page 413  
  FrenchTop of Page 107  
  French, interiorTop of Page 117  
  garageGarage Doors  | Garage Doors (cont.)   
  handicappedTop of Page 477  
  handicapped, automaticTop of Page 477  
  hangarSpecial Doors (cont.)   
  hangingInterior doors  
  hardboardPrehung Interior Doors  
  hardboard exteriorWood Exterior Slab Doors  
  hemlockPrehung Wood Exterior Doors  
  hollow metal08 Openings  
  interior fire-ratedTop of Page 109  
  interior, caféTop of Page 118  
  interior, FrenchTop of Page 117  
  interior, hollow coreTop of Page 116  
  interior, louverTop of Page 117  
  interior, panelTop of Page 116  
  interior, prehungTop of Page 118  
  interior, slabTop of Page 115  
  interior, solid coreTop of Page 116  
  lauanPrehung Interior Doors  
  metal, reversibleTop of Page 109  
  mirroredTop of Page 125  
  molded faceInterior Panel Doors  | Interior Panel Doors (cont.)   
  oakPrehung Interior Doors (cont.)   | Wood Exterior Slab Doors (cont.)   
  overheadTop of Page 163  | Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings  | Top of Page 163  | Special Doors  
  overhead roll-upSpecial Doors (cont.)   
  partitionAccordion Folding Partitions  | Movable Office Partitions  
  patio, slidingTop of Page 120  
  patio, swingingTop of Page 120  
  petPet Doors   
  pocket, installationTop of Page 52  
  prehung, exteriorTop of Page 110  
  prehung, interiorTop of Page 118  
  prehung, steelTop of Page 412  
  prehung, woodTop of Page 413  
  radiation shieldingTop of Page 482  
  refrigeratorSpecial Doors (cont.)   
  revolvingSpecial Doors (cont.)   
  screen, patioTop of Page 121  
  screen, securityTop of Page 113  
  screen, vinylTop of Page 113  
  screen, woodTop of Page 113  
  screen,metalTop of Page 113  
  securitySecurity Storm Doors   
  security grillsTop of Page 414  
  serviceSpecial Doors (cont.)   
  showerShower and Tub Doors  
  slabTop of Page 105  
  sliding glassSpecial Doors (cont.)   
  sliding, fireTop of Page 413  
  sliding, metalTop of Page 442  
  solid coreEntry Slab Doors  | Prehung Wood Exterior Doors  | Wood Exterior Slab Doors  | Wood Exterior Slab Doors (cont.)   
  steelDoors and Frames  | Prehung Steel Doors (cont.)   | Special Doors  
  steel, buildingTop of Page 481  
  steel, exteriorTop of Page 109  
  steel, fire-ratedTop of Page 109  
  steel, patioTop of Page 121  
  steel, prehungTop of Page 412  
  stile & railTop of Page 116  
  stock roomSpecial Doors (cont.)   
  stormStorm Doors  | Storm Doors (cont.)   
  stripSpecial Doors (cont.)   
  telescopingSpecial Doors (cont.)   
  units, packagedTop of Page 412  
  vaultSpecial Doors (cont.)   
  vinyl, patioTop of Page 121  
  with sidelitesTop of Page 107  | Prehung Steel Exterior Doors (cont.)   
  woodDoors and Frames  
  X-ray protectiveTop of Page 482