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2017 National Construction Estimator

Subject Subject links
  aluminumFencing, Aluminum  
  athletic fieldsTop of Page 463  
  barbed wire topperGates  
  barrier controlTop of Page 23  
  boardBoard fence, using 4" wide boards,  | Board fence, using 6" wide boards,  | Build and Hang a Wood Fence Gate  
  chain linkTop of Page 141  
  electricFence, Galvanized Wire Mesh (cont.)   
  erosion controlDrain inlet protection  
  face boardInstalling Fence Face Board  
  gateFencing, Aluminum  | Fencing, Vinyl  
  hillside laborTop of Page 145  
  ornamentalTop of Page 148  
  paintingTop of Page 239  
  painting metalTop of Page 435  
  pet enclosuresTop of Page 142  
  picketPicket fence,   
  picket, vinylTop of Page 148  
  plasticBarricades, Construction Safety  | Miscellaneous signage/traffic control  
  plastic safetyUtility Highway Barricade Rental  
  post & railFencing, Vinyl  
  postsSetting Fence Posts  
  privacyFencing, Vinyl  
  railInstalling Fence Face Board  | Setting Fence Rail on Metal Posts  | Setting Fence Rail on Wood Posts  
  rentalTemporary Structures (cont.)   
  sedimentRock fill  
  shadowboxFencing, Vinyl  
  siltTop of Page 149  
  split-railTop of Page 147  
  swimming poolTop of Page 149  
  temporaryTop of Page 22  
  tennis courtTop of Page 464  
  vinylFencing, Vinyl  
  wire meshTop of Page 142  
  woodBoard fence, using 6" wide boards,  | Picket fence,   
  wood gateTop of Page 146