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2017 National Construction Estimator

Subject Subject links
  adhesiveGeneral purpose adhesives   | Parquet block flooring (cont.)   | Special purpose adhesives (cont.)   | Vinyl 12" x 12" Tile Flooring (cont.)   | Vinyl Flooring Accessories  
  assemblies, wood framedTop of Page 33  
  decking, steelTop of Page 382  
  decking, subflooringTop of Page 42  
  drainsTop of Page 514  | Floor drains,  
  drains, ABSTop of Page 514  
  drains, plumbingTop of Page 523  
  enamelHouse paint  | Stucco, masonry and concrete paint  
  equipment rentalTop of Page 324  
  flangeABS DWV Pipe and Fittings (cont.)   
  framingTop of Page 34  
  gratingFabricated metals   | Welded steel grating  
  joists06 Wood and Composites (cont.)   | Bridging or blocking   | Floor Assemblies (cont.)   | Floor joists (cont.)   | Floor joists   
  joists, pieceworkTop of Page 38  
  joists, steelTop of Page 58  
  joists, steel blockingTop of Page 61  
  leveling compoundVinyl Flooring Accessories  
  matsTop of Page 471  | Mats, Runners and Treads  
  paintingTop of Page 237  
  piecework ratesTop of Page 38  
  plank, precastTop of Page 356  
  plate, steelTop of Page 383  
  polishingPainting, Labor  
  radiant heatTop of Page 173  
  safesTop of Page 261  | Recessed Wall and Floor Safes   
  sheathingTop of Page 34  | Panelized Wood Roof Systems  | Top of Page 34  | Sheathing (cont.)   
  shellackingPainting, Labor  
  sinks, plumbingTop of Page 533  
  slabFloor Slab Assemblies  
  slab, concreteTop of Page 94  
  slab, precastTop of Page 356  
  stainingPainting, Labor  
  steel, pieceworkTop of Page 73  
  varnishingPainting, Labor  
  waxingPainting, Labor