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2017 National Construction Estimator

Subject Subject links
  acid-proofChemical-Resistant Brick or Tile, Subcontract   
  anchorsConduit Supports and Hangers (cont.)   
  blockConcrete block wall assemblies   | Concrete Block Wall Assemblies  
  brickBrick Wall Assemblies  
  cleaningMasonry Cleaning  
  demolitionTop of Page 100  
  fireplaceMasonry Fireplaces  
  glass blockGlass block  
  insulationInsulation (cont.)   | Insulation, Subcontract   
  jointsTop of Page 369  
  materialsTop of Page 219  
  mortarTrowel-ready mortar   
  nailsVinyl/cement-coated sinkers (cont.)   
  paintHouse paint  | Primers (cont.)   | Stucco, masonry and concrete paint  
  paintingTop of Page 436  | Painting, Subcontract, Rule of Thumb  
  pargingParging (Pargeting), Waterproofing and Dampproofing  
  pointing04 Masonry (cont.)   
  preparationPainting, Subcontract, Rule of Thumb  | Surface preparation, subcontract  
  recyclingWaste Disposal  
  reinforcingMasonry Reinforcing and Flashing   
  sandblastingSandblasting, Waterblasting, Subcontract  
  sawingTop of Page 368  
  steam cleaning04 Masonry (cont.)   
  surface prepPainting labor costs commercial and industrial work (cont.)   
  testingTop of Page 314  
  waterprooferStucco, masonry and concrete paint