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2017 National Construction Estimator

Subject Subject links
  ABSTop of Page 125  
  asbestos removalTop of Page 336  
  black steelTop of Page 492  
  clampsHangers and Supports (cont.)   
  clayTop of Page 633  
  cleaningTop of Page 628  
  columns05 Metals  
  concreteTop of Page 629  
  conveyorsMaterial Handling Systems  
  copperTop of Page 501  | Copper DWV Pipe and Fittings  
  corrugated metalTop of Page 631  
  corrugated polyethyleneTop of Page 629  
  CPVCCPVC Chlorinated Pressure Pipe and Socket-Weld Fittings  | CPVC Chlorinated Pressure Pipe and Socket-Weld Fittings (cont.)   | Schedule 80 CPVC Chlorinated Pressure Pipe and Socket-weld Fittings  
  culvertTop of Page 631  
  cutters, rentalTop of Page 326  
  demolitionManhole, Piping and Underground Tank Demolition  
  drainageTop of Page 125  
  ductile ironTop of Page 626  
  DWVCopper DWV Pipe and Fittings  
  ellipticalTop of Page 630  
  equipment rentalTop of Page 326  
  fire protectionTop of Page 506  
  foundation drainsTop of Page 125  
  gasMeters and pressure regulators   | Natural gas appliance connections   | Natural gas appliance rough-in assembly  
  groutingManholes (cont.)   
  guardBraces for panels (cont.)   
  guidesHangers and Supports (cont.)   
  inspectionTop of Page 627  
  insulationFiberglass pipe insulation with AP-T Plus (all purpose self-sealing) jacket  
  insulation, asbestos removalTop of Page 336  
  insulation, paintingTop of Page 435  
  jackingTop of Page 636  
  levels, rentalTop of Page 326  
  locatingTop of Page 265  
  markersTop of Page 316  
  paintingTop of Page 435  
  perforatedPolyethylene flexible drainage tubing  
  PEXPEX Tube and Fittings  
  PEX-ALPEX-AL Tube and Fittings  
  pilesSteel pipe piles (cont.)   
  plasticTop of Page 125  
  polyethyleneTop of Page 616  | Drainage Piping   | Top of Page 616  | Gas Distribution Lines  | Top of Page 616  | PVC Schedule 40 pipe and fittings, (cont.)   
  polyethylene corrugatedTop of Page 632  
  PVCTop of Page 510  
  PVC Schedule 40Top of Page 504  
  PVC Schedule 80Top of Page 504  
  PVC sewer pipeSewer Connections, Subcontract  
  railingRailings, Aluminum, Brass and Wrought Iron   | Steel Handrails, Kickplates, and Railings  
  rollsHangers and Supports (cont.)   
  sewerSeptic Sewer Systems, Subcontract  
  sewer, PVCTop of Page 628  
  sterilizationTop of Page 627  
  stormTop of Page 630  
  strapsHangers and Supports (cont.)   
  troubleshooting serviceTop of Page 265  
  TV inspectionTop of Page 635  
  valvesClosed Cell Elastomeric Pipe Insulation  | Miscellaneous Valves and Regulators (cont.)   
  vitrified claySewer Connections, Subcontract  
  water, PVCTop of Page 626