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2017 National Construction Estimator

Subject Subject links
PlumbingTop of Page 492  
  access doorsTop of Page 252  | Cleanouts  | Top of Page 252  | Plumbing Specialties  
  area drainsTop of Page 523  
  assembliesTop of Page 250  
  copper DWVCopper DWV Pipe and Fittings  
  equipment rentalTop of Page 326  
  fixturesTop of Page 533  
  fixtures, cleaningTop of Page 83  
  floor drainsTop of Page 523  
  for handicappedTop of Page 476  
  pipingTop of Page 530  
  roof drainsFloor drains,  
  rough-inDrains and vents:  | Floor sink, floor drain  | Kitchen sink rough-in assembly   | Single story homes  | Two story homes  | Urinals   | Water closets  | Water-conserving urinals, faucets and flush valves  
  systemsTop of Page 250  
  water softenerTop of Page 249