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2017 National Construction Estimator

Subject Subject links
  algae-resistant shinglesTop of Page 257  
  asphaltComposition Roofing Shingles  | Roofing Materials   | Roofing Materials (cont.)   | Roofing Papers  
  assembliesTop of Page 37  
  base sheetBuilt-Up Roofing  | Roofing Materials (cont.)   
  built-upTop of Page 255  | Membrane Roofing  
  cant stripsTop of Page 50  | Insulation (cont.)   
  cementRoof Coatings and Adhesives  | Roofing Materials (cont.)   
  clay tileRoofing Tile, Clay  
  concrete tileTop of Page 260  
  copperFlashing and Sheet Metal (cont.)   
  corrugatedCladding, Preformed Roofing and Siding  | Roofing Sheets  
  demolitionTop of Page 102  
  EPDMElastomeric Roofing  
  feltComposition Roofing Shingles  | Membrane Roofing  | Roofing Materials   | Roofing Materials (cont.)   | Roofing Papers  
  fiber cement slateTop of Page 260  
  fiberglass panelsTop of Page 149  
  galvanizedCladding, Preformed Roofing and Siding  | Steel Panel Roofing  
  gravelBuilt-Up Roofing  
  membraneTop of Page 255  
  metalRoofing Sheets  
  nails, coilTop of Page 229  
  nails, galvanizedVinyl/cement-coated sinkers (cont.)   
  nails, plastic capTop of Page 230  
  paperTop of Page 257  
  photovoltaicPhotovoltaic roofing systems   
  red cedarRoofing Shakes and Shingles   
  rollRoof Coatings and Adhesives (cont.)   | Roofing Materials   
  rule of thumb costsTop of Page 254  
  shakeRoofing Shakes and Shingles   
  sheetRoofing Sheets  
  sheet metalTop of Page 259  | Flashing and Sheet Metal  
  shinglesRoofing Shakes and Shingles   
  slateRoofing Slate  
  solarSolar Photovoltaic Electrical Systems, Subcontract (cont.)   
  Spanish tileRoofing Tile, Clay  
  staplesVinyl/cement-coated sinkers (cont.)   
  steel panelTop of Page 259  
  systemElastomeric Roofing  
  tarTop of Page 255  
  tileConcrete Roof Tile  | Roofing Tile, Clay