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2017 National Construction Estimator

Subject Subject links
  baseSlab base  
  capillary fill03 Concrete (cont.)   
  cast-in-placeTop of Page 367  
  concrete4" thick 4' x 6' equipment pad   | 8" thick 10' x 10' equipment pad  | Clothesline Units  | Concrete  | Floor Slab Assemblies  
  demolitionTop of Page 334  
  edge formsForm stripping  
  finishesConcrete Finishing   
  floorTop of Page 350  
  form, concreteTop of Page 88  
  formsColumn footing or pile cap forms  | Slab-on-grade forms  | Wall footing, grade beam or tie beam forms (cont.)   
  forms, elevatedTop of Page 343  
  grading03 Concrete (cont.)   
  membraneTop of Page 94  | 03 Concrete (cont.)   
  rebarConcrete Reinforcing Steel (cont.)   
  sand fill03 Concrete (cont.)   
  tennis courtTop of Page 464