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2017 National Construction Estimator

Subject Subject links
  blockingSteel joist solid blocking  
  buildingsTop of Page 481  
  conduit, flexibleTop of Page 550  
  conduit, rigidTop of Page 541  
  cutting and drillingTop of Page 386  
  exterior wallsTop of Page 63  
  floor joistsSteel first floor joists   
  flooringAccess Flooring  
  framingTop of Page 56  
  framing, rule of thumbTop of Page 57  
  interior wallsTop of Page 62  
  landingsStraight Stairways  
  lintelsSteel fabrications   
  masonryTop of Page 214  
  meshReinforcing for Cast-in-Place Concrete (cont.)   | Welded wire mesh  
  mesh reinforcingTop of Page 347  
  mini-mat reinforcingTop of Page 347  
  ornamentalOrnamental Metal   
  paintedSecurity Gratings   
  paintingPainting labor costs commercial and industrial work  
  panel roofingTop of Page 259  
  pilesSteel pipe piles (cont.)   
  pipe, blackTop of Page 492  
  pipe, carbonTop of Page 492  
  plate cuttingTop of Page 332  
  railingTop of Page 252  | Railings, Aluminum, Brass and Wrought Iron   | Top of Page 252  | Steel Handrails, Kickplates, and Railings  
  reinforcingConcrete Reinforcing Steel  | Reinforcing for Cast-in-Place Concrete  
  reinforcing, epoxyTop of Page 344  
  reinforcing, foundationTop of Page 344  
  reinforcing, masonryTop of Page 370  
  rodFraming Connectors (cont.)   
  roof deckSteel Floor and Roof Decking  
  roof framingTop of Page 74  
  sag rods05 Metals  
  sandblastingSandblasting, Waterblasting, Subcontract  
  security gratingsTop of Page 386  
  shoringTop of Page 603  
  stairsStairs (cont.)   
  stairs, spiralTop of Page 383  
  stringersTop of Page 383  
  structural, fabricationTop of Page 381  
  testingSteel Testing  
  threaded rodFraming Connectors (cont.)   
  tilt-upTop of Page 362  
  wall framingSteel interior wall studs  
  welded wireTop of Page 344