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2017 National Electrical Estimator

Subject Subject links
  body covers, blankTop of Page 64  
  breaker enclosuresNEMA 7 aluminum surface mounted circuit breaker enclosures   
  bushingsAluminum bushings   | Conduit termination, two aluminum locknuts & one plastic bushing   
  conduit bodiesGalvanized capped elbows   
  electrodesAluminum Conductors  
  exit fixture housingTop of Page 172  
  flex conduitFlex aluminum conduit  
  locknutsAluminum bushings   
  neutralTop of Page 106  
  reducing bushingsAluminum reducing bushings   | Steel reducing washers, set of 2   
  rigid conduit (ARC)Top of Page 58  
  straps, one holeTop of Page 76  
  street light polesTop of Page 196  
  T-bar lighting fixturesTop of Page 177