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2017 National Electrical Estimator

Subject Subject links
  fluorescent electronicTop of Page 213  
  fluorescent energy-savingTop of Page 213  
  fluorescent instant startTop of Page 215  
  fluorescent preheatTop of Page 216  
  fluorescent rapid-startTop of Page 213  
  fluorescent slimlineTop of Page 213  
  fluorescent trigger startTop of Page 216  
  HIDTop of Page 205  
  HID core and coilTop of Page 206  
  HID weatherproofTop of Page 206  
  high intensityTop of Page 194  
  High pressure sodium indoorTop of Page 209  
  High pressure sodium weatherproofTop of Page 209  
  mercury vaporHID street luminaires, 33"-long housing, lamp base horizontal  | HID street luminaires, 40"-long housing, lamp base horizontal   
  mercury vapor indoorTop of Page 206  
  metal halideTop of Page 205  | Metal halide high intensity indoor ballasts, encased