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2017 National Electrical Estimator

Subject Subject links
  45 degree die castTop of Page 31  
  90 degree die castTop of Page 31  
  90 degree malleableTop of Page 32  
  aluminum wireTop of Page 117  
  BNC crimp-on plugTop of Page 535  
  cabinet, underfloor racewayTop of Page 341  
  conduitDie cast squeeze flex connectors  
  copper wireTop of Page 116  
  die castTop of Page 35  
  EMTConduit weight per 100 feet (in pounds)  | Die cast set screw offset EMT connectors  | EMT 90 degree elbows  | Indenter tools  | Insulated die cast compression EMT connectors, raintight  | Steel set screw EMT connectors  
  EMT screw-inTop of Page 451  
  EMT set screwTop of Page 447  
  EMT, compressionTop of Page 20  
  ENTENT male adapters  
  F typeTop of Page 536  
  insulatedTop of Page 29  | Die cast set screw flex to rigid couplings   | Top of Page 29  | Insulated 90 degree die cast two screw flex connectors  
  insulated EMTTop of Page 20  
  insulated screw-onTop of Page 115  
  insulated, malleableTop of Page 30  
  liquid-tightInsulated 45 degree malleable liquid-tight flex connectors  | Malleable liquid-tight flex to rigid combination couplings  
  malleableTop of Page 30  
  malleable liquid-tightTop of Page 34  
  MCMC connectors, 2 screw  
  N typeTop of Page 536  
  offsetTop of Page 21  
  overhead steel channelTop of Page 432  
  overhead steel racewayTop of Page 435  
  RG/UTop of Page 535  
  RG/U cableTop of Page 536  
  self stripping screw-onTop of Page 115  
  set screwTop of Page 74  
  set screw, insulatedTop of Page 74  
  set screw, malleableTop of Page 75  
  squeeze flexTop of Page 29  
  station wireTop of Page 540  
  steel raceway with receptaclesTop of Page 431  
  steel surface racewayTop of Page 426  
  surface metal racewayTwo-piece 1-9/32" x 3/4" surface metal raceway assembly fittings  
  telephone cableTop of Page 534  
  threadlessMalleable threadless couplings   
  threadless, insulatedTop of Page 73  
  twinaxial cableTop of Page 537  
  two screwTop of Page 31  
  wireTop of Page 540  
  wire, split boltTop of Page 116  
  wire, two boltTop of Page 117  
  wire, two wayTop of Page 116