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2017 National Electrical Estimator

Subject Subject links
  combinationTop of Page 36  
  die castTop of Page 32  
  EMTSteel one hole EMT straps  
  ENTENT male adapters  
  GRSGalvanized rigid steel couplings  
  malleableTop of Page 72  
  overhead steel channelTop of Page 432  
  overhead steel racewayTop of Page 435  
  P & C bendTop of Page 46  
  P & C ductTop of Page 45  
  PVC2" range expansion PVC couplings  | PVC caps and plugs  
  PVC coatedPVC coated steel couplings  | PVC coated Type LB conduit bodies   
  rigid steelTop of Page 53  
  rodTop of Page 86  
  schedule 40 PVCTop of Page 38  
  screw-inTop of Page 32  
  set screw, malleableTop of Page 74  
  steel raceway with receptaclesTop of Page 431  
  steel surface racewayTop of Page 427  
  surface metal racewayTwo-piece 1-9/32" x 3/4" surface metal raceway assembly fittings  
  threadlessMalleable threadless couplings   
  underfloor racewayFittings for underfloor raceway   
  wireway NEMA 1Top of Page 330  
  wye, underfloor racewayTop of Page 342