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2017 National Electrical Estimator

Subject Subject links
   couplingsSteel one hole EMT straps  
   set screw connectorsTop of Page 19  
  90 degree die cast elbowsTop of Page 27  
  clipsEMT Strut Clamp  
  conduitEMT conduit installed in exposed areas  
  conduit fittingsTop of Page 18  
  conduit hangersTop of Page 26  
  connectorsSteel set screw EMT connectors  
  connectors, compressionTop of Page 20  
  connectors, indent offsetTop of Page 21  
  couplingsIndenter tools  
  couplings, die castTop of Page 32  
  definedTop of Page 10  
  elbowsTop of Page 27  | EMT 90 degree elbows  
  hand bendersTop of Page 27  
  hangersEMT Strut Clamp  
  nail strapsTop of Page 24  
  slip-fitter entrance capsTop of Page 27  
  split adaptersTop of Page 27  
  strapsSteel one hole EMT straps  
  straps, heavy dutyTop of Page 25  
  to strut combination clipsTop of Page 26