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2017 National Electrical Estimator

Subject Subject links
  fluorescent circlineTop of Page 212  
  fluorescent energy-savingTop of Page 210  
  fluorescent high-outputTop of Page 211  
  fluorescent power grooveTop of Page 212  
  fluorescent preheatTop of Page 210  
  fluorescent rapid startTop of Page 210  
  halogenTop of Page 202  
  HIDTop of Page 204  
  high pressure sodiumTop of Page 208  
  incandescentStandard voltage incandescent halogen lamps   
  incandescent ESTop of Page 200  
  installationMounting Height  | Type and Quantity of Lamps  
  LEDLED lamps, 120 volt, by watts, bulb type, watt equivalent and Kelvin  | LED lamps, special purpose, by watts, bulb type, watt equivalent, base type and volts  | Standard voltage incandescent lamps, ES = Energy-Saving   
  low pressure sodiumTop of Page 208  
  mercury vaporTop of Page 204  
  metal halideTop of Page 205  | Metal halide high intensity indoor ballasts, encased   
  tubular quartzTop of Page 203