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2017 National Electrical Estimator

Subject Subject links
  body covers, blankTop of Page 64  
  bushed nipplesInsulated malleable bushed nipples   
  clamp backsTop of Page 76  
  connectorsInsulated 45 degree malleable liquid-tight flex connectors  | Insulated malleable liquid-tight flex connectors  | Insulated malleable squeeze flex connectors  
  connectors, threadlessTop of Page 73  
  couplingsTop of Page 36  | Die cast offset nipples   
  couplings, threadlessTop of Page 73  
  entrance caps, EMTTop of Page 27  
  flex connectorsTop of Page 31  
  reducing bushingsAluminum reducing bushings   
  set screw connectorsTop of Page 75  
  straps, EMTTop of Page 25  
  straps, PVC coatedTop of Page 79  
  unionsDie cast offset nipples