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2017 National Electrical Estimator

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Wall plates 
  blankTop of Page 262  
  combinationTop of Page 262  
  decoratorTop of Page 263  
  deep combinationTop of Page 267  
  deep duplexTop of Page 267  
  deep switchTop of Page 267  
  duplex receptacleTop of Page 261  
  jumbo blankTop of Page 266  
  jumbo combinationTop of Page 266  
  jumbo decoratorTop of Page 267  
  jumbo duplexTop of Page 266  
  jumbo switchTop of Page 266  
  metal single receptacleTop of Page 267  
  semi-jumbo decoratorTop of Page 266  
  semi-jumbo double duplexTop of Page 265  
  semi-jumbo duplexTop of Page 265  
  semi-jumbo single receptacleTop of Page 265  
  semi-jumbo switchTop of Page 265  
  single receptacleTop of Page 262  
  switchDuplex receptacle cover plates   | Switch cover plates   
  telephoneTop of Page 263