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2017 National Electrical Estimator

Subject Subject links
  ACSR aluminumTop of Page 108  
  aluminum600 volt cross-linked polyethylene (XLP) solid aluminum wire   | 600 volt triplex aluminum service drop wire, ACSR   | Type THHN-THWN 600 volt 90 degree stranded aluminum wire   | Weatherproof polyethylene 600 volt solid aluminum wire   
  bare aluminumGalvanized steel messenger strand   
  bare copperSoft drawn stranded bare copper wire   
  bare copper groundTop of Page 442  
  calculating quantitiesTop of Page 14  
  communicationsCable Distribution Systems  | Conduit System (see Section 1)  | Metal Wireway (see Section 6)  | Recessed 24" wide aluminum frame troffer T-bar fixtures, 5' flex whip, 3-#12 THHN solid copper wire (cont.)   | Surface Cabling  
  connectorsTop of Page 540  
  conversion tableCoaxial cable adapters  
  copperType MTW 600 volt 90 degree stranded copper building wire   | Type S 600 volt 60 degree flexible cord   | Type THHN 600 volt solid copper building wire   | Type XHHW 600 volt stranded copper building wire   
  copper groundTop of Page 442  
  duplex aluminumTop of Page 109  
  groundGround clip   | Insulated ground bushing   
  pulling methodsTop of Page 91  
  quadruplex aluminumTop of Page 110  
  solid aluminumTop of Page 107  
  solid copperTop of Page 102  
  stranded aluminumTop of Page 105  
  stranded copperTop of Page 102  
  THHN-THWNType THHN-THWN 600 volt 90 degree stranded aluminum wire   
  threading through conduitTop of Page 91  
  THWType THHN-THWN 600 volt 90 degree stranded aluminum wire   
  triplex aluminumTop of Page 110  
  types, codesTop of Page 88  
  undercarpet30 amp, 300 volt, 5-conductor #10 AWG, 100' reel  
  USE, RHH-RHW aluminumTop of Page 106  
  weatherproofTop of Page 108  
  weatherproof aluminumTop of Page 107  
  XLP aluminumTop of Page 106