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2017 National Home Improvement Estimator

Subject Subject links
  arch, bullnoseTop of Page 247  
  ceiling, demolitionTop of Page 315  
  ceilingsTextured Finishes for Drywall  
  cementChapter 10, Walls and Ceilings  
  corner beadPaper-faced metal inside corner bead.  | Plastic bullnose corner bead.  
  corner tapeTop of Page 249  
  demolitionTop of Page 34  
  demolition, wetTop of Page 532  
  description & usesTop of Page 227  
  dustless sanding systemTop of Page 251  
  finishDrywall texture.  | Mold- and mildew-resistant drywall. (cont.)   | Spray texture touch-up kit.  
  fire code type XTop of Page 243  
  fire-resistantMold- and mildew-resistant drywall.  
  flexibleMold- and mildew-resistant drywall. (cont.)   
  greenboardDrywall repair sheet.  
  hand sanderDrywall sanding sponge.  
  installationTop of Page 229  
  J-beadDrywall metal J-bead.  
  J-trimDrywall metal J-trim.  
  joint cementTop of Page 230  
  joint compoundTop of Page 245  
  joint tapeLightweight setting-type joint compound powder.  
  L-trimDrywall metal J-trim.  
  mildew resistantTop of Page 243  
  moisture resistantTop of Page 243  
  moisture-resistantTop of Page 243  
  mold resistantTop of Page 243  
  nailsTop of Page 249  
  outside corner trowelTop of Page 250  
  paintingTop of Page 483  
  panel liftDrywall panel lift.  
  patchPatch hole in drywall.  
  primerLightweight setting-type joint compound powder.  
  repairTop of Page 242  | Chapter 10, Walls and Ceilings  | Top of Page 242  | Repairing Drywall  | Top of Page 242  | Textured Finishes for Drywall (cont.)   
  repair clipsTop of Page 249  
  repair kitDrywall metal J-trim.  
  repair patchTop of Page 248  
  repair sheetTop of Page 244  
  sander kitDrywall panel lift.  
  sanding respiratorTop of Page 250  
  sanding spongeTop of Page 250  
  screwsDrywall Fasteners  | Drywall to wood collated screws, Senco.  
  sound deadeningTop of Page 243  
  spray textureDrywall texture.  | Spray texture touch-up kit.  
  tapeHanging Drywall (cont.)   | Lightweight setting-type joint compound powder.  | Taping and Finishing Drywall  
  textureDrywall texture.  | Spray texture touch-up kit.  
  texture sprayTop of Page 244  
  textured finishTop of Page 232  
  topping compoundLightweight setting-type joint compound powder.  
  vinyl outside corner beadTop of Page 248