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2017 National Home Improvement Estimator

Subject Subject links
Rough carpentry 
  backing and nailersTop of Page 73  
  bracingWall Bracing.  
  ceiling joistsCeiling joists room addition.   
  ceilings and joistsTop of Page 73  
  collar beamsCollar beams & collar ties.  
  collar tiesCollar beams & collar ties.  
  curbsTop of Page 75  
  dormer studsTop of Page 75  
  floor joistsFraming Room Additions  
  floor trussesTop of Page 65  
  girdersTop of Page 62  
  joistsTop of Page 68  
  ledger stripsTop of Page 73  
  postsWood support posts.  
  purlinsTop of Page 76  
  raftersChanges to Roof Framing  
  ribbonsTop of Page 73  
  roof trussesTop of Page 76  
  sill platesSill plate.  
  studding" r "StuddingTop of Page 66  
  subflooringTop of Page 66  
  trimmersTop of Page 75  
  wall openingsTop of Page 72  
  wall studsTop of Page 66  
  window openingsTop of Page 72