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2017 National Home Improvement Estimator

Subject Subject links
  accessories, ceramicTop of Page 304  
  accessories, toilet tissue holderTop of Page 304  
  accessories, toothbrush holderTop of Page 305  
  accessories, towel barTop of Page 305  
  acoustic, demolitionTop of Page 34  
  anti-fracture membraneTile Adhesive and Grout  
  anti-fracture membrane kitTop of Page 307  
  backerboardRhinoBoard(tm) backerboar  | Tile backerboard.  
  bullnose, ceramicTop of Page 301  
  ceilingCeiling Tile  | Ceiling Tile (cont.)   | Ceiling tile.  | Install suspended ceiling.  | Wood fiber ceiling tile.  
  ceiling, acousticalTop of Page 253  
  ceiling, tin designTop of Page 254  
  ceiling, wood fiberTop of Page 254  
  ceramic caulkTop of Page 307  
  ceramic floorTop of Page 295  
  ceramic floor & wallTop of Page 297  
  ceramic wallTop of Page 301  
  ceramic, demolitionTop of Page 35  
  ceramic, installationTop of Page 276  
  clay, roofingTop of Page 139  
  concrete roofTop of Page 140  
  demolitionTop of Page 315  
  edge protectionTop of Page 303  
  finishTop of Page 307  
  floorNatural granite tile.  | Travertine floor tile.  
  glazed ceramicTop of Page 303  
  glazed porcelainTop of Page 296  
  gloss & sealTop of Page 308  
  graniteTravertine floor tile.  
  granite floorTravertine floor tile.  
  groutTop of Page 294  
  grout, sandedTop of Page 307  
  installationTop of Page 293  
  life expectancyChapter 11, Floors and Tile  
  marbleGrigio Venato marble tile.  | Nero Black marble floor tile.  
  marble floorGrigio Venato marble tile.  | Nero Black marble floor tile.  
  mortarCustomBlend® thin-set mortar, Custom® Building Products.  | PremiumPlus® thin-set mortar, Custom® Building Products.  
  mosaic ceramicTop of Page 304  
  natural corkTop of Page 293  
  non-sanded dry groutTop of Page 307  
  parquet floorTop of Page 282  
  paverTop of Page 299  
  Place n Press floorTop of Page 289  
  polyethylene membraneTop of Page 308  
  quarryTop of Page 299  
  reducer stripTop of Page 304  
  repairTop of Page 271  
  repair, mortarTop of Page 306  
  replacementTop of Page 271  
  resilient, demolitionTop of Page 35  
  roofingTop of Page 140  
  rubber studdedTop of Page 290  
  Saltillo ceramic floorTop of Page 299  
  sealerTop of Page 307  
  sealer, high-glossTop of Page 307  
  setting with adhesiveTop of Page 294  
  setting with mortarTop of Page 294  
  slate floorNatural granite tile.  
  thin-set mortarTop of Page 293  
  travertine floorTop of Page 299  
  travertine stoneNero Black marble floor tile.  
  tumbled marble listelloTop of Page 300  
  tumbled slateTop of Page 300  
  tumbled stoneTop of Page 300  
  vinyl compositionTop of Page 289  
  vinyl floorTop of Page 288  
  wallTop of Page 303  
  wall, ceramicTop of Page 303  
  wood flooringTop of Page 282