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2017 National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator

Subject Subject links
DoorsTop of Page 219  
  accessTop of Page 219  
  additional labor chargesTop of Page 94  
  antique, repairingTop of Page 81  
  barTop of Page 88  
  bathtubSliding glass bathtub door.  
  battenTop of Page 82  
  bypassingBypassing Door.  
  cabinetTop of Page 35  
  caféCafé (bar) doors.  
  cleaningTop of Page 40  
  closetTop of Page 77  
  cypress custom-milledTop of Page 80  
  demolitionDoors Labor  
  DutchDutch door  
  entryFir entry door.  | Paint-grade wood entry door side-lite.  | Paint-grade wood entry door.  | Steel entry door side-lite.  | Steel entry door.  
  fir custom-milledTop of Page 80  
  fire-rated FrenchTop of Page 78  
  fire-rated interiorTop of Page 78  
  foldingFolding Door.  
  FrenchFrench door.  
  French exteriorTop of Page 83  
  full-louveredTop of Page 78  
  garageGarage door with hardware.  
  half-louveredTop of Page 79  
  hardboardBypassing Door.  | Folding Door.  | Interior door.  
  interiorInterior door.  
  labor costsTop of Page 91  
  labor productivityTop of Page 91  
  mahogany custom-milledTop of Page 81  
  material chartsTop of Page 91  
  minimum chargeTop of Page 77  
  mirrored bypassingTop of Page 78  
  mirrored foldingTop of Page 77  
  mirrored interiorTop of Page 78  
  oak custom-milledTop of Page 81  
  paintingTop of Page 281  
  panelPanel doors.  
  petPet door  
  pocketJamb & casing for interior door.  
  reconditioned antiquePanel doors.  
  redwood custom-milledTop of Page 80  
  repair laborTop of Page 94  
  showerTop of Page 327  
  sliding patioSliding patio door.  
  sliding patio screenTop of Page 89  
  solid-core interiorTop of Page 78  
  stain and varnishTop of Page 281  
  storm/screenTop of Page 82  
  stripping paintTop of Page 297  
  time & material chartsTop of Page 91  
  veneer exteriorTop of Page 83  
  Victorian stormTop of Page 82  
  walnutPanel doors. (cont.)