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2017 National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator

Subject Subject links
FencesTop of Page 139  
  basketweaveBasketweave fence.  
  boardBoard fence with lattice cap.  
  board and battenTop of Page 142  
  board with lattice capTop of Page 140  
  board-on-boardBoard-on-board fence.  
  chain-linkTop of Page 143  
  chain-link, additional costsTop of Page 144  
  chain-link, temporaryTop of Page 420  
  cleaningTop of Page 42  
  crewFencing crew  
  demolitionTop of Page 141  | Fences Labor  
  gate hardwareTop of Page 143  
  labor costsTop of Page 149  
  labor productivityTop of Page 149  
  masonryTop of Page 246  
  materialsTime & Material Charts  
  ornamental ironOrnamental iron fence.  
  paintingTop of Page 286  
  picketPicket fence.  
  picket, vinylTop of Page 145  
  posts, chain-linkTop of Page 144  
  posts, woodTop of Page 139  
  safetyTop of Page 421  
  seal or stainFences.  
  slat, vinylTop of Page 146  
  three-rail, vinylTop of Page 146  
  time & material chartsTop of Page 148  
  vinyl picketVinyl picket fence with large pickets.  | Vinyl picket fence with scalloped pickets.  | Vinyl picket fence  
  woodBasketweave fence.  | Fences  
  wood, additional costsTop of Page 143