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2017 National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator

Subject Subject links
  additional costsTop of Page 49  
  cost adjustmentsTop of Page 52  
  flutedAdditional column and pilaster costs.  
  installation costTop of Page 55  
  minimum chargeTop of Page 49  
  plasterAdditional plaster costs.  | Plaster pilaster or column.  
  repairColumn and pilaster repair.  
  repair costTop of Page 55  
  replacementTop of Page 49  
  squareTop of Page 50  
  stuccoAdditional stucco pilaster or column costs.  | Additional synthetic stucco costs.  | Minimum charge  | Stucco pilaster or column.  | Stucco repair.  
  taperedAdditional column and pilaster costs.  
  time & material chartsTop of Page 54