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2017 National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator

Subject Subject links
  basketweave fenceBasketweave fence.  
  board fenceBoard fence with lattice cap.  
  board-and-batten fenceBoard-and-batten fence.  
  board-on-board fenceBoard-on-board fence.  
  bypassing doorBypassing Door.  
  capitals, contemporaryTop of Page 50  
  capitals, CorinthianTop of Page 51  
  capitals, Doric or TuscanTop of Page 51  
  capitals, EmpireTop of Page 51  
  capitals, ErechtheumTop of Page 51  
  capitals, ScamozziTop of Page 52  
  capitals, Temple-of-the-WindsTop of Page 52  
  column basesTop of Page 53  
  columnsTop of Page 49  
  exterior jamb & casingTop of Page 87  
  fence postsTop of Page 139  
  finish boardsTop of Page 175  
  folding doorFolding Door.  
  frame-and-panel wallTop of Page 304  
  gateAdditional wood fence costs.  | Basketweave fence.  | Board fence with lattice cap. (cont.)   | Board fence.  | Board-and-batten fence.  | Board-on-board fence.  | Picket fence. (cont.)   
  interior jamb & casingTop of Page 79  
  louver bypassing doorTop of Page 77  
  louvered doorsTop of Page 78  
  louvered folding doorTop of Page 77  
  moldingTop of Page 151  
  newelPine newel.  | Poplar newel.  
  picket fencePicket fence.  
  pilastersTop of Page 49  
  stair balustradePine stair balustrade.  | Poplar stair balustrade.