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2017 National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator

Subject Subject links
PlumbingTop of Page 222  | Plumbing  
  antique styleTop of Page 329  
  bathroom rough plumbingTop of Page 318  
  bathtub & showerTop of Page 325  
  cleaningTop of Page 44  
  complete houseTop of Page 317  
  crewTop of Page 333  
  DWV pipeTop of Page 316  
  exterior linesTop of Page 317  
  faucetsTop of Page 320  
  finishTop of Page 324  
  fixtures onlyTop of Page 318  
  labor costsTop of Page 333  
  materialsTop of Page 332  
  minimum chargeTop of Page 315  
  pumpsTop of Page 329  
  refrigeratorRefrigerator / freezer refreshment center.  | Refrigerator / freezer, cabinet-match.  
  roughTop of Page 318  
  rough, by fixtureTop of Page 319  
  rough, by roomTop of Page 318  
  septic systemSeptic system with leach field.  
  shower stallShower stall.  
  sinksTop of Page 321  
  supply pipeTop of Page 315  
  time & material chartsTop of Page 332  
  toiletsTop of Page 324  
  underground line repairTop of Page 317  
  water heaterElectric water heater.  
  water heater, mobile-home styleTop of Page 222  
  water shut-off valveTop of Page 317  
  water softenerTop of Page 328  
  water supply pipeTop of Page 315