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2017 National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator

Subject Subject links
RoofingTop of Page 223  | Roofing  
  additional chargeTop of Page 339  
  aluminum shinglesAluminum shingles.  
  asphalt shinglesTop of Page 339  
  built-upBuilt-up roofing.  
  clay tileTop of Page 342  
  concrete tileTop of Page 343  
  corrugated aluminumAluminum sheet corrugated.  
  corrugated fiberglassFiberglass corrugated.  
  corrugated galvanized steelTop of Page 344  
  crewRoofing Crew  
  demolitionRoofing Labor  
  drip edgeRoofing felt.  
  EDPM elastomericTop of Page 347  
  feltTop of Page 349  
  fiber and cement shinglesTop of Page 342  
  flashingRoofing felt.  | Roofing felt. (cont.)   
  furring stripsTop of Page 343  
  ice shieldTop of Page 349  
  labor costsTop of Page 350  
  labor productivityTop of Page 350  
  leadTop of Page 345  
  leak repairTop of Page 350  
  materialsTop of Page 350  
  metal tileTop of Page 342  
  minimum chargeTop of Page 339  
  mission clay tileTop of Page 342  
  modified bitumenTop of Page 348  
  paintingTop of Page 293  
  PVCPVC roofing.  
  repair, seamed metalTop of Page 346  
  ribbed aluminumAluminum sheet ribbed.  
  ribbed galvanized steelTop of Page 345  
  roll roofingTop of Page 340  
  SCPE elastomericTop of Page 347  
  slateSlate roofing.  
  Spanish clay tileTop of Page 342  
  stainless steelStainless steel roofing.  
  steel shinglesTop of Page 339  
  terneStainless steel roofing coated finish.  
  time & material chartsTop of Page 350  
  ventRoofing felt. (cont.)   
  water shieldRoofing felt.  
  wood shakesTop of Page 341  
  wood shinglesTop of Page 340