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2017 National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator

Subject Subject links
Rough carpentryRough Carpentry  
  beamsTop of Page 359  
  CEC bracingTop of Page 357  
  crewFraming crew  | Post & beam framing crew  
  deck stairsExterior deck stairs with railing, per step.  
  decksTop of Page 366  
  demolitionTop of Page 383  
  exterior wallsTop of Page 354  | Exterior wall, per square foot.  | Top of Page 354  | Sloping exterior wall, per square foot.  
  floor joistTop of Page 369  
  furring stripsFurring strips.  
  header beamWall header beam.  
  interior wallsTop of Page 353  
  joist systemJoist system, per square foot.  
  joistsTop of Page 363  
  labor costsTop of Page 382  
  labor productivityTop of Page 383  
  lally columnTop of Page 359  
  materialsTop of Page 379  
  minimum chargeTop of Page 353  
  mobile homeTop of Page 223  
  post & beamAdditional beam costs.  | Oak connecting members between bents.  
  raftersHand-framed gable roof.  
  roofHand-framed gable roof.  
  sealingTop of Page 294  
  sill plateFoundation sill plate.  
  time & material chartsTop of Page 379  
  top plateTop plate.  
  wall framingTop of Page 357