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2017 National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator

Subject Subject links
StairsStairs  | Straight stairs.  
  1/2 turn1/2 turn stairs.  
  1/4 turn1/4 turn stairs.  
  3-foot wide utilityTop of Page 402  
  additional costsTop of Page 412  
  balustradePine stair balustrade.  | Poplar stair balustrade.  | Red oak stair balustrade.  | Redwood stair balustrade.  | Sawn stair balustrade.  
  bracketTop of Page 408  
  bullnose starting stepTop of Page 405  
  circularAdditional costs for stairs.  | Circular stairs.  
  cleaningTop of Page 45  
  deckExterior deck landing.  | Exterior deck railing.  | Exterior deck stairs with railing, per step.  | Exterior decking.  
  disappearing attic stairTop of Page 405  
  enclosed 1/2 turn1/2 turn stairs.  
  enclosed 1/4 turn1/4 turn stairs.  
  enclosed circularCircular stairs.  
  mitered stepsTop of Page 405  
  newelPine newel.  | Poplar newel.  
  open 1/2 turnTop of Page 403  
  open 1/4 turnTop of Page 403  
  open circularTop of Page 404  
  other woodsTop of Page 411  
  paintingTop of Page 295  
  spiralTop of Page 405  
  straightTop of Page 402  
  time and material chartsTop of Page 411  
  tread trimTop of Page 409  
  utilityTop of Page 402  
  windersTop of Page 404