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2017 National Plumbing & HVAC Estimator

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Bolt and gasket sets 
  pipe and plumbing specialtyTop of Page 122  
  polypropylene pipeTop of Page 167  
  PVC, Schedule 40Top of Page 99  
  PVC, Schedule 80Top of Page 109  
  Schedule 10 steel, roll-groovedTop of Page 279  
  Schedule 160 steel, full faceTop of Page 264  
  Schedule 160 steel, ring faceTop of Page 264  
  Schedule 40 steel, cut-groovedTop of Page 284  
  Schedule 40 steel, roll-groovedTop of Page 271  
  Schedule 40 steel, threadedTop of Page 232  
  Schedule 40 steel, weldedTop of Page 222  
  Schedule 80 steel, threadedTop of Page 253  
  Schedule 80 steel, weldedTop of Page 245  
  Type K copper, brazedTop of Page 41  
  Type K copper, solderedTop of Page 52  
  Type L copper, brazedTop of Page 60  
  Type L copper, solderedTop of Page 69  
  Type M copper, brazedTop of Page 78  
  Type M copper, solderedTop of Page 87