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2017 National Plumbing & HVAC Estimator

Subject Subject links
  ABSTop of Page 153  
  cast iron, no-hubTop of Page 139  
  cast iron, threadedTop of Page 181  
  copper, DWV, solderedTop of Page 148  
  CPVC sprinkler pipeTop of Page 183  
  galvanized steel spiral ductTop of Page 359  
  PE-AL pipeTop of Page 112  
  PEX-AL pipeTop of Page 113  
  polypropylene pipeTop of Page 166  
  PVC sewer, bell & spigotTop of Page 160  
  PVC, DWVTop of Page 156  
  PVC, Schedule 40Top of Page 95  
  PVC, Schedule 80Top of Page 105  
  roll grooved, VictaulicTop of Page 179  
  roll-grooved, VictaulicTop of Page 179  
  Schedule 10 steel, roll-groovedTop of Page 276  
  Schedule 40 steel, cut-groovedTop of Page 282  
  Schedule 40 steel, roll-groovedTop of Page 269  
  Schedule 40 steel, threadedTop of Page 226  
  Schedule 5 steel, pressfitTop of Page 235  
  Schedule 80 steel, threadedTop of Page 251  
  Type K copper, brazedTop of Page 38  
  Type K copper, solderedTop of Page 49  
  Type L copper, brazedTop of Page 57  
  Type L copper, solderedTop of Page 66  
  Type M copper, brazedTop of Page 75  
  Type M copper, solderedTop of Page 84