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2017 National Plumbing & HVAC Estimator

Subject Subject links
  ABSTop of Page 151  
  cast iron, hub & spigotTop of Page 142  
  cast iron, no-hubTop of Page 138  
  cast iron, threadedTop of Page 180  
  class 110 DI, cement linedTop of Page 411  
  class 150 cast ironTop of Page 412  
  class 153 DI, cement linedTop of Page 407  
  class 153 DI, double cement linedTop of Page 410  
  class 2400 or 3000 asbestos cementTop of Page 414  
  copper, DWV, solderedTop of Page 147  
  CPVC sprinkler pipeTop of Page 183  
  PE-AL pipeTop of Page 112  
  PEX-AL pipeTop of Page 112  
  polypropylene pipeTop of Page 165  
  PVC sewer, bell & spigotTop of Page 162  
  PVC, DWVTop of Page 155  
  PVC, Schedule 40Top of Page 93  
  PVC, Schedule 80Top of Page 103  
  roll-grooved, VictaulicTop of Page 178  
  Schedule 10 steel, roll-groovedTop of Page 274  
  Schedule 160 steel, threadedTop of Page 259  
  Schedule 160 steel, weldedTop of Page 259  
  Schedule 40 steel, cut-groovedTop of Page 281  
  Schedule 40 steel, roll-groovedTop of Page 267  
  Schedule 40 steel, threadedTop of Page 224  
  Schedule 40 steel, weldedTop of Page 216  
  Schedule 5 steel, pressfitTop of Page 236  
  Schedule 80 steel, threadedTop of Page 249  
  Schedule 80 steel, weldedTop of Page 239  
  spiral, galvanized steelTop of Page 360  
  Type K & L copper, roll groovedTop of Page 89  
  Type K copper, brazedTop of Page 35  
  Type K copper, solderedTop of Page 45  
  Type L copper, brazedTop of Page 55  
  Type L copper, solderedTop of Page 64  
  Type M copper, brazedTop of Page 73  
  Type M copper, solderedTop of Page 82  
  with run and branch, galvanized steelTop of Page 365