Pass-through shelves, wood top & wrought iron support
      Metal primer, rust inhibitor, clean metal (material #35)
            Brush 1st coat
                Slow 30. LF/MH, 125 LF/Gal 1P@3.33 CLF 49.44 85.26 134.70
                Medium 35. LF/MH, 113 LF/Gal 2P@2.86 CLF 47.88 97.68 145.56
                Fast 40. LF/MH, 100 LF/Gal 3P@2.50 CLF 46.40 111.75 158.15
      Metal finish - synthetic enamel (colors except orange/red) (material #38)
            Brush 1st coat
                Slow 30. LF/MH, 125 LF/Gal 1P@3.33 CLF 51.04 85.26 136.30
                Medium 35. LF/MH, 113 LF/Gal 2P@2.86 CLF 49.47 97.68 147.15
                Fast 40. LF/MH, 100 LF/Gal 3P@2.50 CLF 47.90 111.75 159.65
Use these figures to estimate pass-through shelves which are approximately 12" wide and 3'0" long with a wood top and wrought iron supports. The rule-of-thumb minimum time and material is .2 hours and $1.00 for material per shelf. A two-coat system using oil based material is recommended for any metal surface. Although water based material is often used, it may cause oxidation, corrosion and rust. One coat of oil based, solid body stain is often used on exterior metal, but it may crack, peel or chip without the proper prime coat application. "Slow" work is based on an hourly wage of $19.75, "Medium" work on an hourly wage of $25.25, and "Fast" work on an hourly wage of $31.75. Other qualifications that apply to this table are on page 9.
Plant-on trim, exterior, 2" x 2" to 2" x 4" wood
      2" x 2" to 2" x 4" rough sawn or resawn wood
            Solid body or semi-transparent stain, water base (material #18 or #20)
                  Roll & brush 1st coat
Slow 80 LF/MH, 310 LF/Gal 1P@1.25 CLF 14.61 31.98 46.59
Medium 100 LF/MH, 275 LF/Gal 2P@1.00 CLF 14.42 34.19 48.61
Fast 120 LF/MH, 240 LF/Gal 3P@.833 CLF 14.15 37.24 51.39
                  Roll & brush 2nd coat
Slow 90 LF/MH, 350 LF/Gal 1P@1.11 CLF 12.94 28.42 41.36
Medium 120 LF/MH, 325 LF/Gal 2P@.833 CLF 12.20 28.48 40.68
Fast 150 LF/MH, 300 LF/Gal 3P@.667 CLF 11.32 29.81 41.13
                  Roll & brush 3rd or additional coats
Slow 100 LF/MH, 375 LF/Gal 1P@1.00 CLF 12.08 25.58 37.66
Medium 140 LF/MH, 350 LF/Gal 2P@.714 CLF 11.33 24.41 35.74
Fast 180 LF/MH, 325 LF/Gal 3P@.556 CLF 10.45 24.85 35.30
            Solid body or semi-transparent stain, oil base (material #19 or #21)
                  Roll & brush 1st coat
Slow 95 LF/MH, 400 LF/Gal 1P@1.05 CLF 12.60 26.94 39.54
Medium 115 LF/MH, 365 LF/Gal 2P@.870 CLF 12.07 29.75 41.82
Fast 135 LF/MH, 330 LF/Gal 3P@.741 CLF 11.44 33.12 44.56

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