Special purpose adhesives (cont.)
Latex FRP adhesive, indoor, bonds wood, concrete, drywall, foamboard, trowel grade, gallon — Ea 22.00 — 22.00
Panel insulation adhesive, waterproof, for polyurethane & polystyrene panels, bonds to wood, metal, masonry, concrete, 4.5 lbs. — Ea 33.00 — 33.00
Marine adhesive/sealant, 10 oz. — Ea 16.00 — 16.00
Project adhesive, rubber-based, bonds plywood, hardboard fiberglass, drywall, foam board, shelving, ceramic fixtures, 10 minute work time, 10.5 oz. cartridge — Ea 3.60 — 3.60
General purpose adhesives
Unit 1-quart 1-gallon
Acoustic tile adhesive, solvent base, waterproof, sound deadening type Ea — 16.50
Aliphatic resin woodworking glue Ea 11.50 26.00
Carpet cement, outdoor Ea 12.00 —
Professional carpenter’s glue, multi-purpose Ea 10.00 30.00
Contact cement, rubber based, waterproof, bonds veneers to plywood, particleboard, wallboard Ea 16.00 3.00
Gel contact cement Ea 14.50 —
Resilient flooring adhesive, latex base, adheres to concrete, plywood, felt, sheet flooring Ea 7.00 17.50
Tile cement, solvent base, ceramic/stone, interior Ea 11.00 24.00
Aggregate Typical prices, 5 mile haul, 24 ton minimum. See also Roofing, Built-up
Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Total
Crushed stone (1.4 tons per CY)
  3/8" stone — Ton 26.50 — 26.50
  3/4" (Number 3) — Ton 25.20 — 25.20
  1-1/2" (Number 2) — Ton 26.50 — 26.50
Crushed slag, typical prices where available
  3/4" slag — Ton 17.00 — 17.00
  1-1/2" — Ton 17.40 — 17.40
Washed gravel (1.4 tons per CY)
  3/4" gravel — Ton 26.50 — 26.50
  1-1/2" — Ton 26.60 — 26.60
Fill sand (1.35 tons per CY) — Ton 12.30 — 12.30
Add per ton less than 24 tons — Ton 7.77 — 7.77
Add for delivery over 5 miles, one way — Mile 10.00 — 10.00

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