Window trim (cont.) Based on trim set around prepared openings. Costs per window opening on square windows. Extra tall or extra wide windows will cost more.
Window casing, straight casing with square corners, per opening [view picture]
  3 sides (stool and apron), up to 5' on any side BC@.330 Ea — 12.10 12.10
  4 sides (picture frame), up to 5' on any side BC@.500 Ea — 18.40 18.40
  Add for any side over 5' long, per side BC@.090 Ea — 3.31 3.31
Add for angle corners (trapezoid or triangle) Per corner BC@.250 Ea — 9.20 9.20
Installing a pre-manufactured arched top casing only, per opening
  To 4' wide set against rosettes BC@.330 Ea — 12.10 12.10
  To 4' wide, mitered corners BC@.500 Ea — 18.40 18.40
  Over 4' wide set against rosettes BC@.660 Ea — 24.30 24.30
  Over 4' wide, mitered corners BC@1.00 Ea — 36.80 36.80
Ceiling treatments All figures assume a wall height not over 9' with work done from scaffolding. Add the cost of scaffolding
Set up and dismantle scaffolding, based on a typical 10' x 16' room Per room BC@1.75 Ea — 64.40 64.40
Wood strip ceiling, T&G or square edged, applied wall to wall with no miters [view picture]
  Per square foot of ceiling BC@.050 SF — 1.84 1.84
Plywood panel ceiling
  Screwed in place, molding strips nailed with a pneumatic nailer, including normal layout Per square foot of ceiling covered BC@.160 SF — 5.89 5.89
Applied beams, including building up the beam, layout and installation on a flat ceiling
  Per LF of beam applied BC@.310 LF — 11.40 11.40
Additional costs for ceiling treatments
  Add for each joint or beam scribed to the wall BC@.660 Ea — 24.30 24.30
  Add for each corbel BC@.400 Ea — 14.70 14.70
  Add for each knee brace BC@.600 Ea — 22.10 22.10
Cornice or crown molding Including layout and coped joints, per LF of molding
  Up to 2-1/4" wide [view picture] BC@.050 LF — 1.84 1.84
  Over 2-1/4" wide to 3-1/2" wide BC@.060 LF — 2.21 2.21
  Over 3-1/2" wide BC@.070 LF — 2.58 2.58
Wall paneling No molding included. See molding below. Costs per square foot of wall covered
Board wainscot or paneling, 3-1/2" to 5-1/2" wide tongue and groove Per square foot of wall covered [view picture] BC@.080 SF — 2.94 2.94
Frame and panel wainscot. Installation only. Add for fabricating the frames and panels Per square foot of wall covered BC@.090 SF — 3.31 3.31
  Add for frame attached with screws and covered with wood plugs BC@.010 SF — .37 .37
Hardwood sheet paneling installed on wood frame or masonry walls
  Per square foot of wall covered BC@.040 SF — 1.47 1.47
  Add for running molding if required BC@.040 SF — 1.47 1.47
  Add if vapor barrier must be installed with mastic over a masonry wall BC@.010 SF — .37 .37
  Add when 1" x 4" furring is nailed on a masonry wall with a powder-actuated nail gun No shimming or straightening included BC@.020 SF — .74 .74
  Add if sheet paneling is scribed around stone veneer Per linear foot scribed BC@.150 LF — 5.52 5.52
  Minimum time for scribing sheet paneling BC@.500 Ea — 18.29 18.29

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