Running moldings Single piece mitered installations nailed by hand. Add 100% for two-piece molding. Costs per LF of molding
Picture rail [view picture] BC@.050 LF — 1.84 1.84
Chair rail BC@.040 LF — 1.47 1.47
Wainscot cap or bed molding BC@.040 LF — 1.47 1.47
Baseboard BC@.040 LF — 1.47 1.47
Kneewall cap up to 8" wide and 1-1/2" thick. Complex job layout and bed molding will increase costs
  Kneewall cap BC@.160 LF — 5.89 5.89
Closet poles and shelving Including layout and installation
1-1/4" closet pole supported with a metal bracket every 32" [view picture]
  Per LF of pole BC@.040 LF — 1.47 1.47
  Add for mitered corner joints, per corner BC@.300 Ea — 11.00 11.00
3/4" x 12" hat shelf supported with a metal shelf bracket every 32"
  Per LF of shelf BC@.100 LF — 3.68 3.68
  Add for mitered corner joint, per corner BC@.300 Ea — 11.00 11.00
Site-built closet storage unit with drawers using plate biscuit joiners and 3/4" board or plywood stock, including fabrication, layout, assembly and installation
  Per square foot of storage unit face BC@.680 SF — 25.00 25.00
  Add for each drawer BC@.850 Ea — 31.30 31.30
Cabinet installation Including layout, leveling and installation. No fabrication, assembly or countertops included. Costs per cabinet
Base cabinets [view picture]
  Cabinets to 36" wide BC@.766 Ea — 28.20 28.20
  Cabinets over 36" wide BC@.911 Ea — 33.50 33.50
Wall cabinets
  Cabinets to 18" wide BC@.638 Ea — 23.50 23.50
  Cabinets over 18" to 36" wide BC@.766 Ea — 28.20 28.20
  Cabinets over 36" wide BC@1.03 Ea — 37.90 37.90
  Oven or utility cabinets, 70" high, to 30" wide BC@1.71 Ea — 62.90 62.90
Filler strip between cabinets, measured, cut, fit and installed Per strip installed BC@.200 Ea — 7.36 7.36
Fireplace surrounds and mantels Costs will be higher when a mantel or molding must be scribed around irregular masonry surfaces
Layout, cutting, fitting, assembling and installing a vertical pilaster on two sides and a horizontal frieze board above the pilasters. Additional moldings will take more time [view picture]
  Costs per linear foot of pilaster and frieze BC@.350 LF — 12.90 12.90
Mantel shelf attached to masonry, including cutting, fitting and installation Per mantel BC@.750 Ea — 27.60 27.60
Installing a prefabricated mantel and fireplace surround Per mantel and surround installed BC@1.50 Ea — 55.20 55.20
Wood flooring Including layout, vapor barrier and installation with a power nailer. Add for underlayment, sanding and finishing. Borders, feature strips and mitered corners will increase costs. Costs per square foot of floor covered
Tongue & groove strip flooring 3/4" x 2-1/4" strips [view picture] BF@.036 SF — 1.21 1.21

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