Wood flooring (cont.) Including layout, vapor barrier and installation with a power nailer. Add for underlayment, sanding and finishing. Borders, feature strips and mitered corners will increase costs. Costs per square foot of floor covered
Straight edge plank flooring, 3/4" x 6" to 12" wide Set with biscuit joiner plates [view picture] BF@.055 SF 1.85 1.85
  Add for plank flooring set with screws and butterfly plugs BF@.010 SF .34 .34
Filling and sanding a wood floor with drum and disc sanders 3 passes (60, 80, 100 grit), per square foot BF@.023 SF .77 .77
Finishing a wood floor, including filler, shellac, polyurethane or waterborne urethane BF@.024 SF .81 .81
Skirt boards for stairways Including layout, fitting, assembly and installation. Based on a 9' floor-to-floor rise where the stair carriage has already been installed by others. Costs will be higher if re-cutting, shimming, or adjusting of an existing stair carriage is required.
Cutting and installing a skirt board on the closed side of a stairway. Costs per skirt board [view picture]
  Treads and risers butted against skirt boards, no dadoes BC@2.00 Ea 73.60 73.60
  Treads and risers set in dadoes BC@3.75 Ea 138.00 138.00
Cutting and installing a skirt board on the open side of a stairway
  Risers miter-jointed into the board BC@5.50 Ea 202.00 202.00
Treads and risers for stairs Including layout, cutting, fitting, and installation of treads, risers and typical molding under the tread nosing. Includes a miter return on one side of each tread. Cost per 9' rise of 14 treads and 15 risers
  9' rise stairway [view picture] BC@2.50 Ea 92.00 92.00
Handrail for stairs Including layout, cutting, fitting and installation. Based on milled hardwood rail, posts and fittings
Setting post-to-post handrail Costs per 10 linear feet of rail [view picture] BC@1.50 Ea 55.20 55.20
Setting over-the-post handrail Costs per 10 linear feet of rail BC@2.50 Ea 92.00 92.00
Add for each transition fitting Turn, easing or gooseneck BC@1.75 Ea 64.40 64.40
Balusters for stair railing Including layout, cutting, fitting and installation. Based on mill-made hardwood balusters. Cost per baluster
Balusters with round top section [view picture] BC@.330 Ea 12.10 12.10
Balusters with square top section BC@.750 Ea 27.60 27.60
Steel Framing, Rule of Thumb Light-gauge steel framing cost per square foot of living area. These figures will apply on most crawl space and basement homes. Labor and material cost will be about 30% less for framing over a slab on grade. Complex framing jobs will cost more. The seven lines of cost data under “Steel framing rule of thumb cost breakdown” below show the cost breakdown for framing a medium cost house. Add $1.50 to $3.00 per SF of floor if engineer approval is required (plans not based on code tables). Material cost assumes that (1) precut materials are fastened with screws and that (2) tariffs on imported sheet steel continue to be enforced. Labor cost includes layout, assembly, plumb and align.
Low cost house B1@.223 SF 8.42 7.43 15.85
Medium cost house B1@.268 SF 9.57 8.93 18.50
Better quality house B1@.355 SF 13.10 11.80 24.90

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