Steel roof trusses (cont.) Site-fabricated and set by hand 24" OC for any roof slope from 3 in 12 to 12 in 12 so long as the total truss height does not exceed 12' from bottom chord to highest point on truss. Trusses over 12' high may cost up to 100% more. Costs are per square foot (SF) of horizontal area covered.
Truss with gable fill at 16" OC [view picture]
    28' span, 5 in 12 slope B1@1.27 Ea 321.00 42.30 363.30
    32' span, 5 in 12 slope B1@1.68 Ea 398.00 56.00 454.00
    40' span, 5 in 12 slope B1@2.30 Ea 555.00 76.60 631.60
Piecework Steel Framing Steel framing on residential tracts is sometimes done by sub-contractors who bid at piecework rates (such as per square foot of floor). The figures below list typical piecework rates for repetitive framing and assume all materials are supplied to the framing subcontractor. No figures appear in the Craft@Hrs column because the work is done for a fixed price per square foot and the labor productivity can be expected to vary widely.
Steel frame layout and bottom track Piecework rates
Lay out wall track according to the plans (snap chalk lines for wall track, mark location for studs, windows, doors and framing details), cut top and bottom track and install bottom track. Costs per square foot of floor (excluding garage).
    Custom or more complex jobs — SF — .29 .29
    Larger job, longer runs — SF — .19 .19
Steel exterior wall framing Piecework rates
Measure, cut, fit, assemble, and tip up walls, including studs, track, cripples, x-bracing, trimmers and blocking. Costs per square foot of floor.
    Complex job, radius walls, rake walls — SF — .83 .83
    Larger job, 8' high walls, fewer partitions — SF — .29 .29
Plumb and align steel framed walls Piecework rates
Align walls, adjust walls to vertical and install temporary braces as needed, fasten nuts on anchor bolts or shoot power driven fasteners through wall track into the slab. Based on accuracy to 3/16". Costs per square foot of floor are shown below.
    Small or complex job, many braces — SF — .28 .28
    Larger job, fewer braces — SF — .17 .17
Install steel floor or ceiling joists Piecework rates
Lay out, cut and install floor or ceiling joists, including rim track, doubled joists, straps, joist hangers, blocking at 12' OC and ceiling backing for drywall. Based on larger jobs with simple joist layouts set 24" OC and pre-cut blocking supplied by the general contractor. Add the cost of floor beams, if required. Costs per square foot of horizontal joist area. More complex jobs with shorter runs may cost 50% more.
  Install 6" ceiling or floor joists 24" OC
    600S200-33 (2" flange, 20 gauge) — SF — .20 .20
    600S200-43 (2" flange, 18 gauge) — SF — .20 .20
    600S200-54 (2" flange, 16 gauge) — SF — .21 .21
    600S200-68 (2" flange, 14 gauge) — SF — .22 .22
  Install 8" ceiling or floor joists 24" OC
    800S200-43 (2" flange, 18 gauge) — SF — .20 .20
    800S200-54 (2" flange, 16 gauge) — SF — .21 .21
    800S200-68 (2" flange, 14 gauge) — SF — .22 .22
    800S200-97 (2" flange, 12 gauge) — SF — .24 .24

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