Column Footings Concrete material and placing only. Material costs are for 3,000 PSI, 5.7 sack mix, with 1-1/2" aggregate with 5% waste included. Labor cost is for placing concrete in an existing form. Add for excavation, board forming and steel reinforcing.
  Using concrete (before waste allowance) [view picture] — CY 116.00 — 116.00
  Typical cost per CY B1@.875 CY 122.00 29.10 151.10
Slabs, Walks and Driveways Typical costs for reinforced concrete slabs-on-grade including fine grading, slab base, forms, vapor barrier, wire mesh, 3,000 PSI concrete, finishing and curing. For expanded coverage of concrete and formwork, see the National Concrete & Masonry Estimator at For thickened edge slabs, add the area of the thickened edge. Use 500 square feet as a minimum.
  2" thick B5@.067 SF 2.05 2.44 4.49
  3" thick B5@.068 SF 2.41 2.48 4.89
  4" thick B5@.069 SF 2.77 2.51 5.28
  5" thick B5@.070 SF 3.13 2.55 5.68
  6" thick B5@.071 SF 3.49 2.59 6.08
Slab base Aggregate base for slabs. No waste included. Labor costs are for spreading aggregate from piles only. Add for fine grading, using hand tools.
Crushed stone base 1.4 tons equal 1 cubic yard
  Using crushed stone, per CY — CY 37.00 — 37.00
  1" base (.309 CY per CSF) BL@.001 SF .11 .03 .14
  2" base (.617 CY per CSF) BL@.003 SF .23 .09 .32
  3" base (.926 CY per CSF) BL@.004 SF .34 .12 .46
  4" base (1.23 CY per CSF) BL@.006 SF .46 .18 .64
  5" base (1.54 CY per CSF) BL@.007 SF .57 .21 .78
  6" base (1.85 CY per CSF) BL@.008 SF .69 .24 .93
Sand fill base 1.40 tons equal 1 cubic yard
  Using sand, per CY — CY 17.20 — 17.20
  1" fill (.309 CY per CSF) BL@.001 SF .05 .03 .08
  2" fill (.617 CY per CSF) BL@.002 SF .11 .06 .17
  3" fill (.926 CY per CSF) BL@.003 SF .16 .09 .25
  4" fill (1.23 CY per CSF) BL@.004 SF .21 .12 .33
  5" fill (1.54 CY per CSF) BL@.006 SF .27 .18 .45
  6" fill (1.85 CY per CSF) BL@.007 SF .32 .21 .53
Add for fine grading for slab on grade BL@.008 SF — .24 .24
Slab membrane Material costs are for 10' wide membrane with 6" laps. Labor costs are to lay membrane over a level slab base.
  4 mil polyethylene [view picture] BL@.002 SF .07 .06 .13
  6 mil polyethylene BL@.002 SF .08 .06 .14

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