Slab membrane (cont.) Material costs are for 10' wide membrane with 6" laps. Labor costs are to lay membrane over a level slab base.
Detaching membrane, Ditra, polyethylene laminate, SF costs include 5% waste [view picture]
  Laid on a level slab BL@.002 SF 1.55 .06 1.61
  Add for adhesive cemented seams BL@.001 SF .07 .03 .10
Curbs and gutters Small quantities. Material costs are for 2,000 PSI, 5.0 sack mix with 1" aggregate. No waste included. Labor cost is for placing and finishing concrete only. Add for excavation, wood forming, steel reinforcing.
Per CY of concrete B6@1.61 CY 113.00 52.10 165.10
Steps-on-grade Costs include layout, fabrication, and placing forms, setting and tying steel reinforcing, installation of steel nosing, placing 2,000 PSI concrete directly from the chute of a ready-mix truck, finishing, stripping forms, and curing. Costs assume excavation, back filling, and compacting have been completed. For scheduling purposes, estimate that a crew of 3 can set forms, place steel, and pour 4 to 5 CY of concrete cast-in-place steps in an 8 hour day. See also Cast-in-place Concrete Steps-on-Grade in the Industrial Section 3. Costs shown are for concrete steps with a 6" rise height and 12" tread depth supported by a 6" thick monolithic slab.
Concrete Finishing
  Broom finish B6@.012 SF — .39 .39
  Float finish B6@.010 SF — .32 .32
  Trowel finishing [view picture]
    Steel, machine work B6@.015 SF — .49 .49
    Steel, hand work B6@.018 SF — .58 .58
Finish treads and risers
  No abrasives, no plastering, per LF of tread B6@.042 LF — 1.36 1.36
  With abrasives, plastered, per LF of tread B6@.063 LF .72 2.04 2.76
Scoring concrete surface, hand work B6@.005 LF — .16 .16
Sweep, scrub and wash down B6@.006 SF .04 .19 .23
Liquid curing and sealing compound, water-based Acrylic Concrete Cure and Seal, spray-on, 500 SF at $100.00 per 5 gallon B6@.003 SF .21 .10 .31
Exposed aggregate (washed, including finishing), no disposal of slurry B6@.017 SF .34 .55 .89
Non-metallic color and hardener, troweled on, 2 applications, red, gray or black
  60 pounds per 100 SF B6@.021 SF .51 .68 1.19
  100 pounds per 100 SF B6@.025 SF .84 .81 1.65
  Add for other standard colors — % 50.0 — —
Wall finishes
  Snap ties and patch B6@.011 SF .15 .36 .51
  Remove fins B6@.008 LF .05 .26 .31
  Grind smooth, typical B6@.021 SF .10 .68 .78
  Burlap rub with cement grout B6@.022 SF .06 .71 .77
  Bush hammer green concrete B6@.061 SF .05 1.97 2.02
  Bush hammer cured concrete B6@.091 SF .11 2.94 3.05
  Wash with acid and rinse B6@.004 SF .23 .13 .36
  Break fins, patch voids, Carborundum dry rub B6@.035 SF .07 1.13 1.20
  Carborundum wet rub B6@.057 SF .15 1.84 1.99
Specialty finishes
  Monolithic natural aggregate topping
    3/16" B6@.020 SF .30 .65 .95
    1/2" B6@.022 SF .34 .71 1.05

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