Concrete Finishing (cont.)
  Integral colors [view picture]
    Various colors, 10 oz. bottle — Ea 6.18 — 6.18
  Colored release agent — Lb 2.30 — 2.30
  Dry shake colored hardener — Lb .51 — .51
Stamped finish (embossed concrete) of joints, if required
  Diamond, square, octagonal patterns B6@.047 SF — 1.52 1.52
  Spanish paver pattern B6@.053 SF — 1.71 1.71
  Add for grouting B6@.023 SF .34 .74 1.08
Countertops Custom-fabricated straight, “U”- or “L”-shaped tops. See also Tile for ceramic tile countertops.
Laminated plastic countertops (such as Formica, Textolite or Wilsonart) on a particleboard base. 22" to 25" wide. Cost per LF of longest edge (either back or front) in solid colors with 3-1/2" to 4" backsplash. [view picture]
    Square edge, separate backsplash B1@.181 LF 16.40 6.03 22.43
    Rolled drip edge (post formed) B1@.181 LF 23.50 6.03 29.53
    Full wrap (180 degree) front edge B1@.181 LF 25.10 6.03 31.13
    Accent color front edge B1@.181 LF 31.90 6.03 37.93
    Inlaid front and back edge B1@.181 LF 37.60 6.03 43.63
  Additional costs for laminated countertops
    Add for textures, patterns — % 20.0 — —
    Add for square end splash — Ea 19.90 — 19.90
    Add for contour end splash — Ea 28.60 — 28.60
    Add for mitered corners — Ea 23.70 — 23.70
    Add for seamless tops — Ea 34.20 — 34.20
    Add for sink, range or vanity cutout — Ea 9.23 — 9.23
    Add for drilling 3 plumbing fixture holes — LS 11.80 — 11.80
    Add for quarter round corner — Ea 23.80 — 23.80
    Add for half round corner — Ea 34.00 — 34.00
Granite countertops, custom made to order from a template. 22" to 25" wide. Per square foot of top and backsplash, not including cutting, polishing, sink cut out, range cut out and a flat polish edge. Add the cost of edge polishing for undermount sink, faucet holes, angle cuts, radius ends, edge detail and jobsite delivery as itemized below. 7/8" granite weighs about 30 pounds per square foot. 1-1/4" granite weighs about 45 pounds per square foot. 7/8" tops should be set on 3/4" plywood and set in silicon adhesive every 2'. 1-1/4" granite tops can be set directly on base cabinets with silicon adhesive.
    Most 3/4" (2cm) granite tops B1@.128 SF 43.70 4.26 47.96
    Most 1-1/4" (3cm) granite tops B1@.128 SF 57.00 4.26 61.26
    Add for radius or beveled edge — LF 7.83 — 7.83
    Add for half bullnose edge — LF 11.30 — 11.30
    Add for full bullnose edge — LF 22.40 — 22.40
    Add for 1/2" beveled edge — LF 7.83 — 7.83
    Add for backsplash seaming and edging — LF 14.40 — 14.40
    Add for cooktop overmount cutout — Ea 145.00 — 145.00
    Add for delivery (typical) — Ea 169.00 — 169.00
    Add for eased edge — LF 5.60 — 5.60
    Add for electrical outlet cutout — Ea 39.40 — 39.40
    Add for faucet holes — Ea 29.40 — 29.40
    Add for rounded corners — Ea 33.80 — 33.80
    Add for undermount sink, polished — Ea 336.00 — 336.00
Engineered stone countertops, quartz particles with acrylic or epoxy binder. Trade names include Crystalite, Silestone and Cambria. Custom made from a template. Per square foot of top and backsplash surface measured one side.
    Small light chips, 3/4" square edge B1@.128 SF 54.10 4.26 58.36
    Large dark chips, 3/4" square edge B1@.128 SF 60.70 4.26 64.96

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