Deck stairs (cont.) All stairs assume 12" tread (step) composed of two pieces of 2" x 6" framing lumber, a riser and supporting stringers.
  2" x 6" recycled composite lumber treads, open risers B1@.270 LF 36.70 8.99 45.69
  2" x 6" recycled composite lumber treads, with recycled composite lumber risers B1@.350 LF 78.40 11.70 90.10
Concrete footing to support stairway. Cost includes brackets and fasteners to attach stairway to the footing. Add the cost of excavation.
  18" x 18" x 12" footing B1@.530 Ea 34.20 17.70 51.90
Demolition Itemized costs for demolition of building components when building is being remodeled, repaired or rehabilitated, not completely demolished. Costs include protecting adjacent areas and normal clean-up. Costs are to break out the items listed and pile debris on site only. No hauling, dump fees or salvage value included. Equipment cost includes one air compressor and a pneumatic breaker with jackhammer bits. (Figures in parentheses show the volume before and after demolition and weight of the materials after demolition.) Use $250.00 as a minimum charge.
Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Equipment Total
Brick walls and walks, cost per SF removed, measured on one face, using pneumatic breaker
  4" thick walls (60 SF per CY and 36 lbs. per SF) BL@.061 SF — 1.82 1.05 2.87
  8" thick walls (30 SF per CY and 72 lbs. per SF) BL@.110 SF — 3.28 1.90 5.18
  12" thick walls (20 SF per CY and 108 lbs. per SF) BL@.133 SF — 3.97 2.29 6.26
Brick sidewalks, cost per SF removed, 5 brick (3-3/4" x 2-1/2" x 8") per SF, salvage condition
  2-1/2" thick bricks on sand base, no mortar bed, removed using hand tools (100 SF per CY and 28 lbs. per SF) BL@.020 SF — .60 — .60
Brick pavers up to 4-1/2" thick with mortar bed, removed using a pneumatic breaker (55 SF per CY and 50 lbs. per SF) BL@.050 SF — 1.49 .86 2.35
Ceiling tile, cost per in-place SF removed using hand tools
  Stapled or glued 12" x 12"
    (250 SF per CY and .25 lbs. per SF) BL@.015 SF — .45 .45 .44
  Suspended panels 2' x 4'
    (250 SF per CY and .25 lbs. per SF) BL@.010 SF — .30 .30 .30
Concrete masonry walls, cost per in-place SF removed, using a pneumatic breaker
  4" thick walls
    (60 SF per CY and 19 lbs. per SF) BL@.066 SF — 1.97 1.14 3.11
  6" thick walls
    (40 SF per CY and 28 lbs. per SF) BL@.075 SF — 2.24 1.29 3.53
  8" thick walls
    (30 SF per CY and 34 lbs. per SF) BL@.098 SF — 2.92 1.69 4.61
  12" thick walls
    (20 SF per CY and 46 lbs. per SF) BL@.140 SF — 4.17 2.43 6.60
  Reinforced or grouted walls add — % — 50.0 50.0 —
Concrete foundations (footings), steel reinforced, removed using a pneumatic breaker. Concrete at 3,900 pounds per in place cubic yard.
  Cost per CY (.75 CY per CY) BL@3.96 CY — 118.00 68.30 186.30
  Cost per LF with width and depth as shown
        6" W x 12" D (35 LF per CY) BL@.075 LF — 2.24 1.29 3.53
        8" W x 12" D (30 LF per CY) BL@.098 LF — 2.92 1.69 4.61
        8" W x 16" D (20 LF per CY) BL@.133 LF — 3.97 2.29 6.26
        8" W x 18" D (18 LF per CY) BL@.147 LF — 4.38 2.54 6.92
    10" W x 12" D (21 LF per CY) BL@.121 LF — 3.61 2.09 5.70
    10" W x 16" D (16 LF per CY) BL@.165 LF — 4.92 2.85 7.77
    10" W x 18" D (14 LF per CY) BL@.185 LF — 5.52 3.19 8.71

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