Storm Doors (cont.) Self-storing aluminum storm and screen doors. Pneumatic closer and sweep. Tempered safety glass. Maintenance-free finish. Push-button hardware. 1" x 2-1/8" frame size. Bronze or white. Includes screen.
Full-view woodcore storm doors. Aluminum over solid wood core. Extra perimeter weatherstripping and water-diverting rain cap. Black push-button handle with night latch. Color-matched sweep. One heavy-duty closer. Snap-in, snap-out window and insect screen retainer system. White or bronze. [view picture]
    32" x 84" BC@1.45 Ea 125.00 53.30 178.30
    36" x 84" BC@1.45 Ea 127.00 53.30 180.30
Security Storm Doors 16-gauge steel. Brass deadbolt lock. Tempered safety glass. Interchangeable screen panel. Heavy-gauge all-welded steel frame with mitered top. Double weatherstripped jamb and sweep. Tamper-resistant hinges with concealed interior screws. Heavy-duty pneumatic closer and safety wind chain. Prehung with reversible hinge.
    30" x 80" [view picture] BC@1.45 Ea 303.00 53.30 356.30
    32" x 80" BC@1.45 Ea 333.00 53.30 386.30
    36" x 80" BC@1.45 Ea 333.00 53.30 386.30
Class II security doors. Rated to withstand 400 pounds. Double lockbox with extension plate. Decorative geometric ornaments. All welded steel construction. Expanded, galvanized metal screen. 3/4" square frame design.
    32" x 80" BC@1.45 Ea 91.50 53.30 144.80
    36" x 80" BC@1.45 Ea 93.3 53.30 146.60
Heavy-duty security door with screen. Right- or left-hand exterior mounting. All welded steel construction. Baked-on powder coating. Double lockbox with tamper-resistant extension plate. Uses standard 2-3/8" backset lock (not included). Galvanized perforated metal security screen. 1" x 1" door frame. 1" x 1-1/2" jambs, prehung on hinge side.
    32" x 80" BC@1.45 Ea 126.00 53.30 179.30
    36" x 80" BC@1.45 Ea 128.00 53.30 181.30
Paradise style security door. Five semi-concealed hinges. Heavy-duty deadbolt. All steel frame.
    30" x 80" BC@1.45 Ea 371.00 53.30 424.30
    32" x 80" BC@1.45 Ea 371.00 53.30 424.30
    36" x 80" BC@1.45 Ea 371.00 53.30 424.30
Folding security gates. Riveted 3/4" top and bottom channel. Gate pivots and folds flat to one side. Provides air circulation and positive visibility.
    48" max width, 79" high BC@1.25 Ea 100.00 46.00 146.00
Interior Slab Doors Slab doors are the door alone, as distinguished from prehung doors which are sold with jamb, hinges and trim attached and bored for the door latch. Interior doors are usually 1-3/8" thick and have a “hollow” core. A wood frame made from stiles and rails is filled with a matrix of corrugated paper and covered with a thin wood veneer. Stiles are vertical and every door has two, a lock stile and the hinge stile. Rails run horizontally at the top and bottom of the door. Flush doors are smooth and flat, with no decorative treatment.
Flush hardboard interior doors. Hollow core. Not bored for lockset. Ready to paint or stain. 1-3/8" thick. Hardboard doors are made of composition wood veneer, usually the least expensive material available. [view picture]
    24" x 80" BC@1.15 Ea 30.20 42.30 72.50
    28" x 80" BC@1.15 Ea 33.90 42.30 76.20
    30" x 80" BC@1.15 Ea 33.80 42.30 76.10
    32" x 80" BC@1.15 Ea 35.80 42.30 78.10
    36" x 80" BC@1.15 Ea 37.90 42.30 80.20
Flush birch interior doors. Hollow core. 1-3/8" thick. Wood veneer. Stainable and paintable. All wood stile and rail. Bored for lockset.
    18" x 80" BC@1.15 Ea 37.00 42.30 79.30
    24" x 80" BC@1.15 Ea 46.70 42.30 89.00
    28" x 80" BC@1.15 Ea 47.20 42.30 89.50
    30" x 80" BC@1.15 Ea 48.90 42.30 91.20
    32" x 80" BC@1.15 Ea 49.00 42.30 91.30
    36" x 80" BC@1.15 Ea 51.10 42.30 93.40

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