Electrical Work, Subcontract (cont.) Costs listed below are for wiring new residential and light commercial buildings with Romex cable and assume circuit lengths averaging 40 feet. If flex cable is required, add $15.00 for 15 amp circuits and $35 for 20 amp circuits. No fixtures or appliances included except as noted. Work on second and higher floors may cost 25% more. Work performed by a qualified subcontractor.
Switches (includes rough wiring, box, switch and plate) [view picture]
  Dimmer — Ea — — 64.70
  Lighted — Ea — — 64.80
  Quiet — Ea — — 51.80
  Mercury — Ea — — 64.60
  Standard indoor wall switch — Ea — — 50.70
  Stair-wired (3 way) — Ea — — 137.00
  Waterproof — Ea — — 110.00
  Television outlet wiring (300 ohm wire) — Ea — — 51.80
Trash compactor, 15" (includes compactor installed under counter and wiring)
  Standard — LS — — 578.00
  Deluxe — LS — — 675.00
Vacuuming system, central
  Central unit hookup — LS — — 129.00
  Remote vacuum outlets
    Receptacle wiring only — Ea — — 61.50
Water heaters
  (up to 10' of wiring and hookup only), 220 volt — LS — — 192.00
Water pumps, domestic potable water
  Connection only — LS — — 137.00
Residential computer wiring and network setup These costs are based on work done with wall cavities exposed. Labor costs in existing dwellings will be up to four times higher if cable has to be fished through enclosed walls. Single story homes use stranded wire. Multi story homes use solid wire on vertical runs. Includes normal (5%) waste. Costs assume cable runs terminate at the point of phone or cable service entry and that connections are made at a wall-mounted punch down block with RJ45 connectors. The local building code may require wire runs in conduit or use of plenum type cable.
Network cable, twisted pair category 5e, rated for 350 Mbps, material price based on 1,000' rolls. Add the cost of conduit, if required. Costs per linear foot of cable run.
    4 pair UTP PVC stranded wire BE@.008 LF .14 .32 .46
    4 pair UTP PVC solid wire BE@.008 LF .14 .32 .46
    Add for plenum grade wire — % 60.0 — —
Termination to structured cable panel. Includes structured cable panel with telephone, data and video connectors for 6, 12 or 18 stations. Also includes RJ45 keystone jack and wall plate at the room/station end.
    12 station termination BE@1.40 Ea 190.00 55.80 245.80
    18 station termination BE@2.10 Ea 214.00 83.70 297.70
    24 station termination BE@2.80 Ea 247.00 112.00 359.00
Cable testing using a dedicated cable tester
    Shielded/Unshielded twisted pair, per cable E4@.125 Ea — 6.23 6.23
Distribution of Internet connection to network switch or router. Includes 10/100 network switch/wireless router and patch cables
        6 station connection BE@.166 Ea 95.80 6.61 102.41
    12 station connection BE@.333 Ea 99.60 13.30 112.90
    18 station connection BE@.500 Ea 148.00 19.90 167.90
Wireless access points. Preferred location is one foot below the ceiling on a small shelf. Each access point counts as one station termination and connection. Add the cost of network cable wiring to the access point and an electrical outlet at the access point.
    Wireless access point BE@.100 Ea 74.60 3.98 78.58
Remote high gain antenna for a wireless network access point. (Extends the range of wireless connections beyond the usual 50 to 100 feet.) Add the cost of cable connection to the wireless router/access point.
  8 Dbi high gain panel antenna — Ea 79.20 — 79.20

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